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Take An Up Bus Rider And Turn Them Into An Up Bus Driver



I don’t know about you but nothing ticks me off more than a sales person sitting on their a** waiting for the up bus to pull into the lot and hand deliver them a deal on a silver platter. Let’s face it there are more of these untrained, unmotivated just don’t seem to care sales consultants than ever before. Think about this, how much money do you spend to attract new clients to your dealership compared to how much money do you spend to keep the clients that you have already sold to? If you had a sales staff full of All-Star’s how many more vehicles would you sell each month? How much more gross would you make? How many more repeat buyers would you have?


So how do you take an up bus rider and turn them into an up bus driver? It all starts with a process that I developed called “Reach 8”. The “Reach 8” process is designed to increase sales consultant engagement and help them increase the traffic flow to the dealership without spending $1 in advertising. If this process is followed with a new sales consultant they will never need to take a lot up after just 3 years and they will make more money than they have ever dreamed of.


Here is some of how it works:


Every sales consultant must reach out to and make contact with 8 potential clients every day. Here are some ideas on how to create reaches:


*Church *Local Realtors *Family *Friends *Service Lounge *Email Sales Coupons *Orphan Clients *Networking groups


Here is what you are looking for when you make a reach:



Phone Number Preferably Cell-Phone

Email Address

Current Vehicle






N-Date: The date that the client anticipates replacing their vehicle. Load this date into the CRM


F-Date: Is the date that you schedule a follow-up with the client based upon the N-Date. I suggest starting 6 months out from the new date.


Now let’s break down the first 3 years of a sales consultant without the “Reach 8” process

The figures below are based upon the national average of $275 of commission PVR, 8 unit average each month with an additional unit each month for each additional year.








Monthly Sales                   Year 1             Year 2            Year 3             Year 4

Lot Sales                             8                        9                   10                    11

Reach Sales                                                  7                     7                     7

Reach Sales                                                                         7                     7

Reach Sales                                                                                                7

Monthly Sales Total           8                        16                   24                    32

Monthly Income             $2,200               $4.400            $6,600             $8,800

YearlyIncome               $29,700             $52,800          $79,200         $105,600


This is a very in-depth training process that not only includes the Reach 8 but also includes how to follow up after the sale and teaches your sales staff how to make non-intrusive contacts with sold clients on consistent basis. If you would like to learn more about this training workshop or would like schedule me to come to your dealership and do this workshop for your staff email me at or call me directly at 419-706-5770.

Bryan Armstrong
Shawn, there's no doubt this works because it's the way I worked and after my first year I rarely had time for fresh ups. The issue I see is in the drive many have nowadays. It seems there are more people who are comfortable making $40-$60k a year and avidly avoid taking an up 1-2 hours before their shift ends so as not to endanger the time they can clock out. How do you suggest instilling"hunger" in my sales floor? At times I think many Dealers feel like they are held hostage...
Shawn Clos
Bryan, You are right most average sales consultants settle in and down when they reach a comfortable level of income. I had the same issue when I was a sales manager which topped out my income as well. Do you remember my article on "Is Your Dealership Full Of Minor Leagures Or All-Stars?" If you implement that program along-side the Reach 8…BOOM!! The dealer is no longer held hostage!! By having both of these programs in place you as the dealer or manager are now in more control of the sales staff. Think about placing your sales staff on a split schedule with 3 starting points 8AM 9AM 10AM. By working this split schedule it allows each sales consultant time to make their reaches prior to taking ups. The management staff must be behind these programs 100% and accountability must be maintained 100%. If a consultant only makes 6 reaches then they must not take any floor traffic until they get to their 8 reaches. I hope this helps….Keep this in mind, all of my article concerning management and sales training are all based upon my own personal experience they all mesh together into a kick ass proven money making process.
Jim Bell
Great layout here Shawn. It always amazes me when a salesperson will jump dealer to dealer thinking the grass is greener on the other side. It all comes down to longevity and that will breed the success if you are working the plan right. There is NO reason in the world that a salesperson just sits around waiting for the up-bus to show up on the lot. It won't happen these days with customers only physically visiting 1.4 dealerships before purchasing. #goodstuff!
Shawn Clos
Thank you Jim!! I truly believe that if a sales consultant would look at themselves as the President of their own company within the dealership and build thier business with a proactive stance rather than waiting on the "Up Bus" then they would find the success that they desire. It doee not matter where what dealership they are in success can be obtained with the correct mind set. I beleive that success is divided into four basic groups inward, outward, upward, onward. If they put a plan of action together based on these 4 groups then they will see success. I built the training platform for the Reach 8 based upon these groups. I sincerely appreciate your comments and support!! Happy Selling!!

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