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Shawn Ryder Director, Automotive Works with OEMs and Dealers to Automate, Inform and Engage

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Why Writing Down Sales Goals Inspires Action

Why Writing Down Sales Goals Inspires Action

As you're considering your business plans for the upcoming year, you may have decided that you want to start setting larger goals for your business. In…

Most Valuable Insight WINNER - Ian Curickshank

Most Valuable Insight WINNER - Ian Curickshank

How well does dealership VDP engagement correlate to car sales? What do you measure your online marketing on? I'm sure lead form submissions are…

New Vehicle Retail Demand Slumping, Edmunds Forecasts

New Vehicle Retail Demand Slumping, Edmunds Forecasts

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — April 26, 2017 — Edmunds, the leading car shopping and information platform, forecasts that 1,431,695 new cars and trucks …

Bimmer-Con To Feature Daryl Dixon Motorcycle Giveaway In Benefit Of Female Veterans Unite, Inc.

Bimmer-Con To Feature Daryl Dixon Motorcycle Giveaway In Benefit Of Female Veterans Unite, Inc.

BMW of Sarasota will host its first ever BimmerCon on Saturday, April 29th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at its dealership located at 5151 Clark Road, Sa…

Audi Clearwater Among Top 86 U.S. Audi Dealers, Earns Coveted Magna Society Status

Audi Clearwater Among Top 86 U.S. Audi Dealers, Earns Coveted Magna Society Status

The Crown Automotive Group dealer was 1 of only 86 U.S. Audi dealers to qualify for the prestigious 2016 Magna Society Award. Audi Clearwater was evaluated…

Dealer Engage has New Contact Manager for Improved Lead Nurturing and Contact Management

Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 9, 2014 - Dealer Engage is proud to announce the launch of Version 8.7 of its automated marketing and communication software application. One of its features is a new Contact Manager, with functionality and features based largely on requests and feedback from Dealer Engage customers.

The Dealer Engage Contact Manager

The Contact Manager, as the name suggests, enables users of the automated marketing platform to manage their contacts and track the history, behavior and preferences of all contacts. It also allows for lead nurturing so users can learn about their leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Using the Contact Manager, dealers can view any individual contact’s activity and set up marketing tasks and timelines for that contact as well as add notes that provide more information about the customer. 

Lead Scoring with the New Dealer Engage Version

Automotive email marketers can score their leads, meaning rank them according to how engaged they are with the user's content. Users score each lead with a number, helping keep track of exactly how active each lead is and how much focus should be placed on them. Lead scoring can be an automated or manual process, or a combination of both.

Using the Dealer Engage email platform, users can rate each lead depending on whether they are considered to be a hot lead, based on the data gathered about them. Rating and scoring leads makes it easier to know which leads to focus on, and increases sales and marketing effectiveness.

In addition, users will be able to add and move leads in their pipeline manually or automatically. Dealer Engage 360 can automate the process so that it can move leads through different stages of a user's pipeline. Users who prefer to manually add a lead to their pipeline or move a lead who is already in the pipeline can use the Pipeline Editor. The Contact Manager will always show which stage of the pipeline the lead is in, to prevent users from losing track.

With the improved functionality of the Contact Manager, users are able to manage all their contact data as well as nurture and manage leads and track behavior. Users can track anonymous visitors to their site, including those who don’t sign up for anything or interact with the site content. This provides a more complete picture of who is on the site and what they are doing while they’re there.

About Dealer Engage

Dealer Engage ( is the dealership engine for easy and efficient automotive communication. The platform responds to the constantly growing need for integration among the many different communication methods of today’s online envir03866c4fe01313693948c0dd8632c74e.jpg?t=1onment. Actions performed by customers trigger relevant and timely reactions from the marketing automation manager through the entire life cycle of a client.

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