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The Top Three Benefits of Marketing Automation for the Automotive Industries


Increasingly, the internet is becoming an influential factor for potential buyers in the automotive industry. As of 2012, in Germany alone 70 percent of automotive customers said the internet the most influential factor in their decision. This number has been rising steadily since 2000 when only 15 percent of automotive customers said the internet was their most influential factor. Now, at 70 percent, it can only grow.

In order to be successful in the automotive industry, you need to take advantage of the online world and all the tools that are available. Marketing automation is ideal for the automotive industry because it allows you to engage clients and potential buyers personally while keeping communications organized and streamlined. Read on to learn about the benefits of marketing automation in the automotive industry.

Web tracking

As previously mentioned, the internet is a huge factor for potential automotive buyers. As a result, you need an effective method to make sure this works in your favor and an engaging website it a great place to start. By using web tracking software on your website you can see which aspects of your website visitors engage with most. This will give you an idea of how to improve and optimize all aspects of your website in order to drive traffic. Web tracking will also allow you to see what each individual visitor views on your website.

When you use this software in conjunction with an all-in-one platform, you can store this information to later use to personalize individual communications. An all-in-one platform will allow you to create individual profiles for all of your website visitors, known and unknown, and store any interactions they had on your website.

In order to make the most of web tracking software, make sure to include a signup from that visitors can use to get more information from you. Including this form will allow you to gather contact information, link profiles to web tracking histories, and send personalized content.

Personalized content

The main advantage of using marketing automation is that it allows you to deliver personalized content to your clients and potential buyers. The information that is taken from your web tracking software, and any other interactions you have had with your clients, is stored in the marketing platform and can now be used to personalize communications with your clients. This means if a known visitor was viewing particular car details on your site, you would be able to follow up with them with more information about that particular car.

Being able to do targeted marketing like this automatically will allow you to save time and resources while boosting client engagement. In fact, over 80 percent of consumers said they felt more positively about a business after reading custom, personalized content.

Multi-channel communication

How are you communicating with your clients? Is it only through email or do you have a multi-channel approach? If you’re only sending communications through one communication channel then you are not fully engaging your clients. Everyone has a preference when it comes to communication. Some of your clients check their email constantly while other preferred phone calls or even fax. Guarantee clients are getting your messages by sending them through a multi-channel platform.

A multi-channel marketing automation platform ensures that your personalized content is delivered to clients through their preferred method of communication. By using both personalized content and multiple communication vehicles, you increase the likelihood of your messages being opened and engaged with.

Find the platform that matches your needs

Marketing automation will help your boost client engagement and, in turn, customer loyalty. Most marketing automation platforms offer a free trial. Take advantage of these trials and see how marketing automation can benefit your dealership.

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