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Canada: Winning the Race in Automotive Technology

Improving technology in the automotive sector is at the forefront of the Canadian Automotive Industry’s mind.

In a report titled “Drive To Win” Mr. Réal Ray Tanguay, Automotive Advisor to the Federal Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development of Canada, outlines Canada’s “Technology Roadmap”.

The Roadmap has 5 aspects to it, which Tanguay says are disruptive, but will help Canada in the long run, “Major advances to both products and manufacturing processes are accelerating innovation throughout the auto industry...These technological advancements will present new business models and opportunities”.


Maturing Powertrain Technologies

This revolves around battery and fuel-cell electric vehicles and how they offer higher energy efficiency, lower emissions, greater energy diversity, and new vehicle designs.

Lightweight Materials

Canada is focusing on stronger lighter materials to help reduce vehicle weight without sacrificing passenger safety.

Rapid Advances in Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles come in two categories: vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V).

With this new technology cars will precisely know where every other car is on the road.

Shifts in Mobility Preferences

Mobility preferences refer to “pay-per-use” transit instead of owning a car.

Canada is seeing more and more young people (50% of generation Y) move towards this model of mobility, and are working to create revenue around it.

Emergence of Autonomous Vehicles

Similar to what is happening in the United States, Canada is working on how to regulate, test, and make autonomous vehicles the norm.

The question isn't if it will happen, but when?

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