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Why Instagram is Your Secret Weapon

Instagram has recently released a report titled, "Driven By Instagram," in it they detail the in's and out's of the automotive industry on their hugely popular platform. As it turns out, if your aren't on Instagram to help sell your vehicles, you're doing it wrong.

Although it may not be a traditional platform for selling, Instagram's report shows there is ample opportunity for finding and retaining clients. For instance, if you're trying to target the younger generation take this into account: When Millennials are looking for a new brand, they are 1.41 times more likely to use Instagram than another social media platform to find that brand.

And when it comes to purchasing a car, Instagram plays a giant roll with ALL users. Take a look at these stats:

  1. Almost a third of auto Instagram shoppers said they learned about a new product or service on the platform in the last month.

  2. Almost a third of auto Instagram shoppers said Instagram prompted them to consider purchasing a new product/service in the last month.

  3. 59-percent say Instagram is a key influencer in Auto Purchase.

So how do you get Instagram users to find your account? One proven way is through hashtags, and Instagram has put together their top 9 automotive hashtags so far in 2018:


    • 15,400,000 posts


    • 8,200,000 posts


    • 7,500,000 posts


    • 5,900,000 posts


    • 5,200,000 posts


    • 4,200,000 posts


    • 3,700,000 posts


    • 2,700,000 posts


    • 2,300,000 posts

Now don't just sit there....​​​​​​​

Right now is the time to start 'gramming and hashtagging!

Christine Lenz

Great list of hashtags! 

Brandin Wilkinson

Thank you Sherri!

Sherri Riggs

Brandin, you're welcome. I think Instagram could be utilized a lot more than it is right now inside the automotive industry. I hope this helps out!

Sherri Riggs

Christine, the list is gold! I'm glad Instagram curated it to help out everyone else :)

Kevin Lazar

Great Article!

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