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"Procees Is Profit!"... What a true and powerful statement, and one that applies to all dealership operations.  If dealers don't have the right processes in place, and more importantly, follow each step of these processes 100% of the time, things will get overlooked, opportunities will be missed, and deals will get lost!

Question: What if dealers did not have the right process in place for remitting deals to lenders or service contracts to warranty companies?

Answer: They would not get paid!

The same holds true for hiring high performing sales consultants.  If dealers don't have the right hiring process in place, they won't hire the right people with the necessary traits and skills to be successful in automotive sales, therefore deals will get missed, cars won't get sold and the dealer won't get paid!  So begs the question...  What is the right process for hiring high performing sales consultants?  Below are a few steps that should be included in the hiring process:

1. Have a means of assessing a sales candidates abilities to be successful in automotive sales either before, during or immediately after the initial interview.

2. Know the right questions to ask in the first formal interview with the candidate.

Here are some great examples of First Interview questions:

  • Education and what you have done for personal growth within the last 2 years?
  • Describe for me the most significant impact you’ve had in your current job and explain the keys to pulling it "off".
  • Describe a situation or two in which the pressures to compromise your integrity were the strongest you have ever felt?
  • One of our goals is to get each of our salespeople to an average monthly sales count of sixteen units. If you get the job, how would you go about accomplishing this?

3. Second interview questions (More in-depth).

Here are some great examples of Second Interview questions:

  • Tell me (us) about a time when you sold someone a product, service or idea. Walk me (us) through how you convinced the other person to buy your product, service or idea.
  • Tell me (us) about a time when you got very upset or hurt by a co-worker, what happened and what was the outcome.
  • 50% of your income will be derived from you bringing customers to the dealership. Tell us what you have done in the past that would show us you could do this. How would you propose to bring customers to our dealership? What are some things you would do to ensure your success?
  • There is a lot of down time in our business. What would you propose to do while waiting for a customer to come to the dealership?

4. Reference Check. This is very important and should be done for each candidate you interview.  The more we know about the candidate the better!

5. Risk Assessment. Being able to assess the risk of a candidate is vital and is not easily accomplished without knowing the right questions to ask yourself as a dealer or GM. Having an assessment tool can make this a much easier task.

Here are some examples of Risk Assessment questions:

  • Longevity in the area?
  • Successful sales experience (Top 20% on any sales team)?
  • Demonstrated proven success in previous jobs?
  • Has a plan in life that would be consistent with a long time career in automotive retail?

In conclusion, the days of being able to fog a mirror are no longer a qualification for being a sales consultant. Now more than ever dealers must have an effective, consistent hiring process, effective hiring tools and quick, effective training tools.

If we can ever be of help to your dealerships hiring, retention or sales processes, please contact me anytime.

All The Best,

Tom Kain
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