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How Content Generates Sales Through Search



One of the things that makes SEO so important is that it connects your dealership with people who already interested in buying a car or who need some type of service. Unlike advertising, in which you hope someone hears, sees, or reads your name enough that when they need a car they'll come see you, SEO finds the people that are ready now. You don't go looking for them through ad campaigns, which get expensive quickly, they find you.

Now, SEO is extremely complicated, and it's only getting more complicated as search engines become more intelligent. But it's also one of the most necessary boxes to check under your list of marketing initiatives. It has the ability to naturally grow organic organic traffic, which will  generate more interest and leads to help you grow your business over time.

Not creating content is one of the biggest flaws in most dealerships' marketing strategy, and in this post we’ll take a look at a simple way your team can tackle the complicated field of SEO through content marketing.

The Content Marketing Sales Funnel


The graphic above gives you a great idea of how you can create content that helps to generate traffic, interest, and leads for a more successful dealership.


Traffic Generators

Traffic generators work just as you might think they would: they drive traffic! We're talking about blog posts, infographics, and videos that are easy to digest and have a wide target audience. These should be based around topics that are relevant to your dealership, such as Chevy if you sell Chevys or Ford if you sell Fords.

Have fun with these posts. Lists like "10 Ways to Know You're a True Chevy Guy" or "The 5 Most Insane Camaros You'll Ever See" are crafted to be entertaining and get users to engage. Plain and simply: the goal here is to create content that begs to be clicked.

You can mix in local-related news items as well, but try to reserve those only for stories that are likely to be shared by locals once promoted to social media. The more time you spend talking about the main topics related to your business, the more authority you'll gain in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Interest Generators

To build interest in your dealership, its inventory, and its services, we'll graduate from traffic generators to interest generators. This type of content is meant to reel potential customers in with topical guides, how-tos, and tips to make their lives easier and you a great source of information.

A great example would be "How to Change Your Oil at Home." You might think this is the opposite of the type of content you should be writing, but the reason you want to do it this way is simple: it's not pushy. No one's going to see "Why You Should Always Go to the Dealership for Oil Changes" and not think the information is skewed to favor your opinion as a dealership.

Today's consumers are savvy and don't want to be sold. Instead, they want to be informed. And now you might be asking how you're going to sell anything at all with this method. Here's how:

Using the "How to Change Your Oil at Home" example, we'll leave a nice call to action at the end. Something along the lines of:

"Changing your oil at home is a great way to save money if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. If you think this isn't for you, below is a coupon for a discount on an oil change at XYZ Motors."

And of course, add a nice, noticeable button that says "Print Coupon" below that last bit of text. You want to link that to a page that allows the user to easily print their coupon.

Using interest generators, you can sell without selling by simply being genuinely helpful.  

Lead Generators

The most important part of a successful content strategy is your lead generating pages. While traffic and interest generating content is also important, they can only be as effective as your lead generators. These include product landing pages for individual models, pages for services like car maintenance, model comparisons, and even reports about vehicle safety and performance.

It's worth noting that your team should also spend a lot more time on each individual piece of content that will work as a lead generator. These pages should be longform, and go above and beyond what's expected from a normal piece of content.

To know if you're truly outdoing your competition, take a look at their pages and see if yours do a better job of not only presenting information but actually answering questions as well.

How to Bring it All Together

These three types of content are brought together through internal linking to give search engines a better idea of how they relate. The ultimate goal is to prop up your lead generators with supporting content (traffic and interest generators) to show search engines that those are really important pages.

With proper keyword targeting and quality content, you'll see your traffic, interest, and leads start to grow more than ever before.


Have questions or worries about content? Let’s hear them below!



Written by Mark Frost, Director of Content at Wikimotive

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