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Navigating SEO: The Companions Needed for a Perfect SEO Strategy


The Companions Needed for a Perfect SEO Strategy


Navigating SEO is a exclusive series by Timothy Martell, CEO of Wikimotive. Each Friday, Tim breaks down ways dealers can improve their SEO and offers insight into how it will benefit business.



There are a few essentials to a great automotive SEO strategy: an up-to-date website, relevant content, and solid on-page optimization. You can go really far with just that, and there are plenty of sites that do.


But where do you go from there?


Throughout this series, I've given away a lot of advanced, automotive-specific SEO knowledge that dealers can implement in their stores. And in this post, things won't be any different!


If you want to take your dealership's SEO to the next level, these are the companions your strategy needs.


Brand-Focused Blogs


For dealers, a blog offers a simple, yet highly effective way to generate content while creating signals to your main content, which is focused on generating authority and rankings for high-value keywords.


To increase relevancy, it's best to separate your individual brands into individual blogs. You can provide higher volume brands (like Jeep, example) with more content than low-volume brands (such as Chrysler) without letting the low-volume brand content get lost in the mix.


The key to dealership blogs is to produce content that ties into, or expands upon, the content you're publishing about your products and services.


A great example is your new car models.


If you're a Jeep dealership, it's obvious you'd want to promote the brand's bestseller, the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. You'd start with a longform, information-heavy page about the vehicle on your main site.


From there, you supplement that with blog content about the Grand Cherokee. You could write about the history of the vehicle, break down the trim levels in an easy-to-understand format, or present the latest news about the model.


There are endless possibilities with a blog, and the more you utilize it, the better your results.


Social Media


Over the past year, a lot of people have claimed that social media activity doesn't help SEO. The idea that likes, shares, tweets, and other social actions affect search rankings is called social signals.


Google's Matt Cutts has stated that the company does not treat activity on popular social media sites any different than regular websites. What that means is, Google can't track activity that isn't public.


But what that also means is, it does track public activity and that activity has an affect on rankings.


When your content is shared by people with public accounts or pages with a lot of authority, Google notices.


With that in mind, you should be creating social media-friendly content that people really want to read and share with their friends!


Link Building Efforts


Link building is one of the most mysterious parts of SEO. Many marketing companies hide their strategy behind a wall of buzzwords, as if they're hiding a strategy as sacred as the Coca-Cola formula.


In reality, this is how simple link building can be:


  1. Produce amazing content.
  2. Find sites that link to similar, relevant content.
  3. Sell your content as being valuable to those sites. (Don't be pushy, though!)
  4. ???
  5. Profit. (By getting more and more links from high-quality, relevant sites and seeing your rankings increase.)


Sticking with our 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee example, let's say you created the most comprehensive page about that model. You took cues from other sources, but went above and beyond to provide readers with the ultimate resource for information about the Grand Cherokee.


The problem with amazing content is, without promotion, it can't live up to its true potential.


Here's how to solve that:


  1. Identify content that ranks for keywords you're targeting.
  2. Use Moz Open Site Explorer or another backlink analyzer to discover sites linking to that content.
  3. Reach out to those sites with your content, informing them that you've got the most up-to-date information. Don't ask for a link or make it seem like you're doing them a favor. Simply let them know your page exists.
  4. Track this outreach in a spreadsheet and start building relationships with the sites that respond positively.


Don't get me wrong, this is a lot of work. But now that it's been laid out for you, it doesn't seem that complicated, does it?



Feel free to ask any questions about any of the topics presented in this post! Next week, I'm going to tackle the new and confusing subject of local SEO!


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