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How Decreased Facebook Page Likes Improve Facebook Marketing


Many of you may be scratching your heads, trying to think of a way decreased number Facebook Page Likes could actually improve your Facebook marketing. This seems like it would create the opposite...right?


In reality, Facebook decreasing page likes will make the likes that remain more meaningful, and in turn, create a better platform for you use for marketing.


How so?


As you may have heard, Facebook is getting rid of some Page Likes from people with voluntary inactive and memorialized accounts. These are Facebook profiles that are either no longer in use due to choice or of people who have passed on. Either way, they are not adding any value to your current page likes status.


Facebook has already taken a stance on declining overly promotional posts to prevent spammy advertising. They’ve also created a Facebook relevance score to help Facebook Ads users determine the quality of its overall performance.


Facebook decreasing page likes correlates with its goal of creating a better experience for its users; a consistent theme for Facebook changes in 2015 thus far.


So Why Am I Freaking Out Over the Loss of Facebook Page Likes?


It is natural to wonder how many page likes you706ea29b3d188351594e3d54073fa7c4.jpg?t=1 will lose on your Facebook page and concerned about how it will affect your Facebook marketing strategies but the truth is, there’s no need for alarm.


Numbers are no longer as relevant as they once were in the early days of social media.


Instead, as a business, you need to refocus your time and energy on using platforms that can provide an ROI for your business. And Facebook is trying to help you do just that!


How are Decreased Facebook Page Likes Going to Improve My Facebook Marketing?


As Facebook decreases page likes, it will actually help your ability to target users, and will provide you with quality insights that will be more relevant to you now than ever before.


For instance, if your Facebook page likes consists of 500 voluntary inactive accounts or memorialized Facebook profiles, then your reach, engagement and time is worth nothing. Because in the end these users are no longer engaging with your page; they’re just empty numbers.


You might as well not even have a Facebook page if all you’re focusing on is page likes.


You need the number of Page Likes you have to be of active people on Facebook in order for your page to mean anything to Facebook, or more importantly, your business.


No matter how many page likes Facebook takes away from your page, know that it is only going to increase the quality within insights that can be used for better targeting within Facebook Ads, Facebook Posts and improve your knowledge about your demographic.


Your Audience Data is Your Key to Success


A number is meaningless if you cannot use it for your own gain. You need actual people to have success on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter. Having free audience data provided to you within Facebook Insights can help you determine your strategy, your next move, and how to target people that can (and will) purchase from you.


As you begin to see your numbers decline over the next few weeks, keep in mind that you are not losing people. Instead, you’re gaining more insight into your true audience.


That will be more beneficial to you, and make your time spent marketing on Facebook even more valuable.



You can watch me and Amanda Ryan provide Social Media tips every Thurs. at 3:30pm EST on Auto Dealer LIVE.

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