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TK Carsites

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Reputation Management Key Points: Digital Marketing Strategies Conference #DMSC

Over the next 3 days we will be updating regularly with "the takeaways" from the various speakers at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Napa. Dealers who were not able to attend can refer to Driving Sales to see what we're learning. You can also watch the 4 keynotes live when they happen at Driving Sales TV.

Glenn Pasch

Glenn Pasch discussed reputation management. It's a subject that often gets beaten up because it truly is a hot topic, but the ideas that Glenn is sharing are fresh, true, and useful from a "hands-on, real-world" perspective. No "rainbows and butterflies" here, just hard-hitting stuff that dealers can apply today.

Here are some of the more unique takeaways:

"Reviews beget reviews"

The psychology makes sense. Few people want to be singled-out. When there are 5, 10, 50 reviews available for a particular business, people are more inclined to get involved than they would if they were going to be one of the first ones out there.

The more reviews you get, the better off you'll be and the more likely people will be willing to participate.

"Write your script like a human being."

Most give the advice of "ask for them" when referring to reviews, but few go into detail of how. Glenn takes the subject by the horns and tells us the simple advice of "script like a human."

In other words, whether it's on the phone from the BDC, in an email, or in a real mailer, our best chance of getting a review when we ask for them is when we actually ask for them from a human perspective.

"Attack - Go into offensive mode."

Waiting around for a need to do reputation management is silly. Eventually, everyone will need it. If you're sitting there with 4 reviews and a 4.5-Star rating, you're not safe. Now is the time to go on the offensive.

"We do business with people we like."

Don't skip Facebook. Don't skip Twitter. More and more people are getting involved with social media and using it as a venue for reviews is a very large key. People trust other people and therefore seeing their friends and relatives on Facebook or Twitter liking a business will make it that much more relevant to them.

People buy cars. When they decide the people from which they are going to buy, in many cases they do it based upon the recommendations of the people they know.

"Video testimonials are amazing."

Ask. The worst they can say is no. The best they can say is, "Of course!"

In the videos, which should be 30-second videos where you are asking customers questions on tape, you want to get people when they're happy and excited. In other words, right after they get their new car, that's the best time to grab them.

For more details on Glenn's training, we wrote him a review on the TK Carsites blog.

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