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TK Carsites

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Moving Beyond the "Like": How Sharable Photos Make a Difference

Sharable Photos

Most who are active participants of the Driving Sales community are well aware of the importance of having a Facebook page, getting local people to like it, and posting engaging content to keep our feeds present for people to see when they visit Facebook. Let's take it a step further and discuss some advanced marketing techniques that have been proven to be effective on Facebook.

One easy technique is the use of sharable photos. Many of us are posting pictures of our customers on our Facebook wall, but I cannot stress enough how important it is for these pictures to go beyond our own walls. We need them to be on other people's walls. We need them shared, getting comments, and getting exposure for our brands to as many locals as possible on Facebook.

Take a look at this update:

Lebanon Ford Facebook

It has many of the attributes of a very strong update. It has real people doing real things. It highlights the personality of the dealership and the fact that they didn't something extra special for a local charity. It was originally posted on the charity's wall.

Here's what it was missing. Keep in mind, the likely reason it was "missing" these things is because this was done as a truly charitable, self-less act without marketing taken into account. They weren't looking for a publicity stunt or look-at-us exposure. They wanted to help.

Even when helping, I still recommend marketing as well.

Here are the things that would have made it perfect:

  • Bigger photo with the dealership sign in the background
  • Pro-active promotion of the image, asking people to not only contribute to the charity but to spread the word by sharing the image with friends and family
  • More comments
  • Links within the body to Facebook profiles of the participants
  • Call to action: share, share, share!

Facebook isn't just about what we're saying about ourselves. There's more power in getting others to talk about us. Everyone knows that a business likes itself. What they want to see is that other people like them as well. The best place to see it is on their Facebook profiles more so than on our own pages.

This and 6 other tips are detailed in this week's TK Carsites and KPA webinar, 7 Idea-Sparking Examples to Jumpstart Your Facebook Marketing. The hour spent watching it can help you sell more cars through social media immediately.

Chris Costner
JD, great information here regarding that one post. I love the idea of "more is better" when posting. You gave some great ideas on what to do with each post. That is truly being involved. Great post.
Adam Ross
They can also tag the photo with the dealership and customer's names... Good article.

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