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TK Carsites

TK Carsites

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Important: Get on the Automotive Google+ List

Automotive Google Plus

We are compiling a list of Google+ accounts for anyone in the automotive industry. Testing shows that Google+ relies almost entirely on quality rather than quantity which makes it extremely important to network properly.

This is extremely important. Getting involved requires nothing, but the benefits (particularly by 1st quarter of 2013) can be dramatic.

It's not Facebook. Despite similarities in the platform functions, the ways that people and businesses engage on Google+ are completely different. The benefits are likewise different; with Google+, there is much more of a search and social hybrid function happening where engagement on Google+ both at the page/profile level as well as the website level can yield stunning results.

To those who think it's a ghost town, check again. They have made strong steps towards adoption over the last 3 months and it's starting to show signs of life.

What To We're Doing

We will be publishing a list of Google+ URLs for dealers, vendors, and individuals in the automotive industry. Through this list, the networking function that Google craves from Google+ will be applied and everyone who participates actively will benefit from it.

We have done this sort of thing outside of the automotive industry through our Hasai product line for several years now and it has yielded strengths that could never be achieved through individual efforts alone.

Basically, active players on Google+ will follow the other active players. Our combined engagement will translate into increased engagement outside of our personal networks and create an opportunity for the virality and trust elements that are driving both rankings on the search engine as well as traffic (to some extent). There is no need to go into details about why it works - the important part to understand is that it definitely does work and when properly organized can help everyone who is involved.

What YOU Need to Do

I'm compiling the list through my personal account rather than the business accounts (so nobody thinks this is a ploy to get followers for the company). Simple follow my account and I will follow you back.

Once the list is adequately large enough, I'll publish it here. After you follow my account you can also post your profile and page URLs in the comments so those who are already active can get a head start and follow you.

I'll send instructions to everyone who participates, but it isn't hard at all. Check Google+ at least once a day. +1, comment, and share content that you find interesting, particularly if it's from someone in the industry. The feed will "learn" based upon your actions and start displaying the profiles and pages you like the most at the top of your feed very similar to how Facebook does it.

We will stay perfectly aligned with what Google wants. Everything will be natural. We're networking. We're building an automotive network of like-minded people and businesses who all have the same basic goal - rank better and drive traffic to our sites.

Please don't dismiss this. It's really a no-brainer. If you're spending any time at all on Facebook, you should be spending at least a very small portion of it on Google+ as well. In the very near future, Google+ will demonstrate through their Local service (reviews), through search rankings (social signals), and through the adoption associated with both mobile and everything else Google that those who engage properly and strive for quality on their services will rise to the top.

Keep in mind that participation and results are intertwined, so there's no "risk" involved with getting on the list. If you're active, you'll be rewarded. If you become inactive or simply don't find the value, your lack of participation will not hurt you, it simply won't help you. There is literally nothing to lose.

Follow my account. I'll show you how to make it work for everyone, most importantly you.

Love it JD, and you are absolutely right. Google+ is a total different animal and I think for this purpose it is much more concrete and less diluted as we see throughout FB's "Likes" and "send birthday gift" suggestions. Good Call!
Chris Costner
Great post JD. I am on there and following both you and VJ already. I still haven't figured out how to create a more "user friendly" URL directing others to my page. Would you have any suggestions for that? Thanks again.
kalli doubleday
Great info and awesome plan JD. Have enjoyed following you on Twitter and clearly need to be more active on Google+ for thanks!
Jim Bell
As you know, I'm already following you. I have a pretty strong list of "auto peeps" on there. Not many are active though.
Joey Abna
@chris you can buy a domain name and redirect it to your Google Plus page. FYI is available.

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