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Sales Call Liars! Is this what we want?

1f7f7c4e711013cd115738fe75761236.jpg?t=1"Thanks for calling. Trust me."

"We've had quite a few calls on that car today...when can you come in?"

or, "It will take me about 10 minutes to get that information...what's the best number to call you back",

or "Someone is coming to look at it tomorrow.  If you think it's the right car for you, can you make it here by 5:30 tonight?"


Are any of these true?  Have there been quite a few calls?  Will it take you 10 minutes? Is someone coming in tomorrow?

Why is the strategy of lying to our clients in order to gain contact information and/or appointments an acceptable way of doing business?

Hint:  It's not!

Now you may think of these are "Harmless tricks of the trade", which is like saying, "Great character is a trait told best at storytime".

When lying is used as a strategy at the beginning steps of a transaction, it will certainly lead to the justification of lying throughout the transaction ...and then onto the next transaction ...and the next...

And when salespeople are TAUGHT to lie to clients (and/or are given tacit or "blind" approval), then the entire selling culture of the dealership is in jeopardy.

"What if I can't get appointments or contact information without trickery?"

Then get out of the sales profession immediately.  Your clients need and deserve you to be more.

On the incoming sales call, take these steps instead...

  1. Answer the call with enthusiasm and appreciation (you'd think most would find this easy!)
  2. Tell them you'll pull up the information immediately and FURTHER give them information to VERIFY that all the information is accurate (which is a necessary truth!)
  3. While you pull up the information, ask the client how and why they chose YOUR car over the thousands offered on the Internet? (Yes...they know there are 1000's of choices!)
  4. Agree that their decision to contact you ABOUT WHY they chose your car to be TRULY VALID ("I know!  There seems to be so few with the combination you just described about our car!"  Which is true since they landed on YOUR car based on mileage, color, price, features, condition, history, geography, photos, or video presentation)
  5. Validate the vehicle's availability and features (like you said you would!)
  6. DISCOVER the challenges/problems with their current mode of transportation (and the problems with their current shopping experiences)
  7. PRESENT the extraordinary services you offer to ensure a superior buying experience (and ask if those experiences suit them well!)
  8. WORK the transaction pieces (Trade, Payment Method, Financial Targets)
  9. INVITE THEM to a "VIP Experience" appointment, whether it's at your dealership or a more convenient location (there are some calling from quite a distance).

No lying.  No tricks.  Superior Salesmanship.  Superior Dealership.



Scott Nelson
Great article Tom.
Tom Vann
Laura Wood
Not only is this true, it's insulting to those customers who see right through the lies. What's even worse is when a salesperson gets caught in the lie and tries to make the customer look like the bad guy just to cover his or her own tracks. It happens way too often. Honesty is not only the best policy in this case, it's the best for trust and reputation building as well.
Adam Ross
Love it, Tom. I'm sharing this with my network.
Michael Bilson
Tom the VIP appointment Idea is actual gold that works. I used that as a BDC Manager for years. It helps reward that caller for being a "smarter" consumer and calling first. They feel they will get superior treatment after you build that relationship and trust during the call. These VIP appointments show at a much higher rate. Perception is reality.

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