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Living in a technology driven world, we are surrounded by artificial things. They surely have provided us with immense ease and relaxation yet there is a l…

WEBINAR RECORDING - 11 Answers to Your Top BDC Questions

WEBINAR RECORDING - 11 Answers to Your Top BDC Questions

The traditional dealership business model is increasingly sharing space with a digital customer experience. implementing a comprehensive BDC process …

[VODCAST] The Millennial Car-Tell - Episode 1

[VODCAST] The Millennial Car-Tell - Episode 1

The Millennial Car-Tell is a Vodcast where you get a Millennial's point of view on all things automotive (not like you were asking). Each month, we have a…

Sales level out as new inventory levels drop below used

Sales level out as new inventory levels drop below used

Despite Memorial Day kicking off summer sales, new auto sales are down 3% MoM as inventory continues to drop. For the first time, franchised dealerships ha…

The Story Behind the "Appreciation Spike"

The Story Behind the "Appreciation Spike"

If you follow the automotive industry, you’ve likely heard that vehicles are appreciating at unprecedented rates right now. What you might not know, …

6 Simple Steps to Write a Convincing Job Post

Recruiting new talent will always be a challenge. Especially in today’s job market where unemployment has been steadily declining for the last decade. To find the best talent you need a well-written job post. Your post needs to cover these six areas of interest to draw in top-quality talent.

Interesting Job Title

If the job title is lame and boring then chances are the job is too. Vehicle Hydro Technician sounds more appealing than Car Washer, even if they are the same. Unique job titles will attract more candidates to your job posting. If you have problems filling a certain position maybe it has a stigma attached to it and it's time for some rewording.

Meaningful Introduction

An introduction to the industry is a great way to let job seekers know about the benefits associated with automotive. Talk about how your store is positioned within the industry and tout any awards or recognition you have received.

Company Background

Tell job seekers about how long you have been in business, your mission statement, company culture, and most importantly talk about the development and growth that takes place inside your organization. Let the applicant know what you will do for them by joining your company.

Position Information

While you can use this section to focus on desired skills, it is also beneficial to discuss work hours, opportunities, pay, benefits and things that will entice them to apply. If you hire for temperament and train for skill then only list the requirements that are essential to performing the job.

Why They Should Apply

For a job seeker to apply for a position you will need to sell them on the company, job position, and your willingness to train the right candidate.

Next Steps After Application

Set expectations for yourself and the job seeker. Let them know what to expect after they submit their application so they can appropriately follow up. 


A good job post will sell applicants on your company, team, and all of the things that make working for you great. 

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