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Hummingbird Action Plan for Car Dealers

Umm.. Algorithm?

Google recently made the switch to a new algorithm (the formula they use to find an item with specific properties among the whole collection of internet data). This new roll out is called “Hummingbird” which focuses on parsing searches as complex questions.

This is the biggest overhaul to Google search since 2001. Previously updates have focused a lot on refining speed, integrating social network results, and penalizing spammy sites. (The previous updates were the equivalent of adding a new filter, or tweaking the engine. This is a whole new engine)


What is the update?

The main focus of this update, is that the new algorithm allows Google to more quickly parse full questions (as opposed to parsing searches word-by-word), and to identify and rank answers to those questions from the content they’ve indexed.


So what Changed?

Hummingbird will now allow Google to deliver results more relevant to the way people conduct searches. Instead of trying to show a bunch of sites who may feature the keywords you typed in, it will try to focus on answering the content of your question.

Example: “Where can I buy a used Ford Focus in my area?”

Older search algos could have shown you sites related to Ford, Focus, Used Cars etc. just because those words are somewhere on their site. The new update is more likely to consider sites that feature that content, are referred to by influential users, perform well in previous clickthroughs etc. In total there are about 200 ranking factors.

Google also updated their Knowledge Graph, so it can now handle comparison questions (Should I use synthetic or conventional oil?)


The point is, you could search this way before, now Google is making the answers more relevant.



So How does Hummingbird help Car Dealers?

The dealers that are going benefit from this are the Content Kings. Google has been saying it, and now it’s become a reality. You can’t trick your way to the top of the Search Engines with some keyword wizardry and traditional optimization. The best part is, you can now fully integrate your content in the same your customers have been asking for it.


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