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Elead Service
100%  Recommended Recom'd 97 Dealerships 134 Verified Ratings
Are you getting the most out of your service drive? When you increase efficiency in your service lane and technician’s bay, you can create an excellent customer experience and boost your absorption rate. Multi-Point Inspection • Ensure every vehicle gets a multi-point inspection on every visit so your customers can enjoy a consistent quality of work, and you can capitalize on every possible service opportunity. Mobile Lane Technology • Streamline the process in your service lane, from greeting and check-in all the way through the final signatures. Make sure you capture every necessary piece of information and give your customers a great experience. Add AutoPilot Service Marketing to take your follow up campaigns to the next level. • Provides event-triggered marketing campaigns that actually convert, so you can keep your service bays full and your absorption rate high.
Xtime Spectrum
100%  Recommended Recom'd 2 Dealerships 2 Verified Ratings
Avoid losing customers and revenue and start gaining profit and maintaining relationships with loyal customers with the Xtime Retention System.
Solera | AutoPoint
The Customer Journey
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Customer Lifecycle Marketing Developed Specifically so Dealerships get Results. As the driving component in a solid automotive marketing strategy, the Customer Journey is the first step in bringing in new customers and keeping the customers you have coming back. This strategy was not developed overnight. The Customer Journey is built on over 20 years of automotive advertising and direct marketing experience in the automotive industry, the latest technology and the best data management and reporting platform available - Red Rocket Technologies. We focus on 4 main conversion points… 1) Bringing new business into your dealership, 2) Bringing new customers in for service, 3) Keeping customers coming in for regular service visits, and 4) Selling to your customers when they’re ready to buy a new car. The Customer Journey Includes... - Multi-Channel Marketing: direct mail, email, voice broadcast, text messaging, and live calls, - Real time reporting, dashboard metrics, and power maps, -
Total Customer Connect (TCC)
Online Appointment Scheduler
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Seamless online appointment booking experience, with factory based recommended service options. Flexible interface for customers, dealer branded website and call centers.
Advisor Dashboard
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
he Advisor Dashboard takes customer experience on the service drive to a whole new level. By integrating VIN-specific content, your dealership is able to deliver a consistent and professional service drive process that is proven to drive additional sales, customer satisfaction and retention. The tool is also available as a tablet-ready solution that will complement your existing service write-up process and DMS. The system provides easy-to-review reports and helps eliminate missed revenue opportunities. Using this approach, you will build trust and loyalty with customers and drive your long-term service retention.
Solera | AutoPoint
Multipoint Inspection
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Better Than Your Average MPI The electronic inspection system has been the standard for a long time, but it’s time for a system that can do more than just inspections. Multi-Point is a full-service command center that gives you control over your entire shop by offering seamless communication tools to keep your service team on the same page, as well as innovative features like parts inventory integration and a self-learning service pricing guide. Multi-Point drives shop-wide efficiency and generates consistent, reliable results for every customer. Build estimates automatically, manage your workflow and support motorist communication all within Multi-Point.
CIMA Systems
CIMA Car Care Service Menus
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
CIMA Car Care Service Menus Pro-actively informs customers of the services that are due on their vehicle and automatically prices these services (i.e. 15K service) based on your labor and parts pricing. Further, selective services such as a 4-wheel alignment when “clicked†on will show a 10 second overview video of why it is important for your customer to have this Dealer recommended service performed. With CIMA Car Care menu's, we pro-actively notify the customer of what you recommend for their car. Further, each service approved by the customer is automatically placed into your CIMA Dealership appointment making it extremely easy to up-sell the customer and allow them to make a confirmed service appointment. If the customer does not elect to take the recommended services, this application is also in each Service Advisor’s screen when the customer arrives on the drive to allow for another selling opportunity.
Remote Repair - Pickup and Delivery
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Allows a customer to request that the Dealer send them a loaner or pick up their car and get it repaired. When the driver is dispatched, the customer gets a text message and can track the driver in an Uber like interface, and use the mobile phone to inspect and get signatures deliver the car, and pickup the customer car and bring it in for repair. When the car is done, customer gets a text and they can pay for they can review their invoice, pay for it and the whole process repeats itself. All routes, calls , texts,emails pictures, videos are recorded in the customer conversation for 7 years and easily accessible via myKaarma's universal search. Allows the Service Manager to track all the cars out as loaners or delivery all in one page on the desktop and click on the car and text or call the driver.
Personalized Service Welcome
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Designed to transition the customer from sales to service, reinforce the purchase decision and set maintenance expectations, the Personalized Service Welcome gives your dealership the ability to: - Schedule the first service appointment - Educate customers about the amenities/ competitive advantages offered by your service department - Set future maintenance expectations specific to the customer VIN/vehicle - Drive sales referrals - Install a safety net with built-in reporting/ accountability, so that every customer returns for the critical first service visit
DealerMine CRM
Service CRM
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
A 360 view of how your customers shop, service and interact with you - Cut through the data and find opportunities. A unique combination of one on one relationship building and contact automation - creating profitable customer experiences. Whether you’re looking to increase shop traffic, find maintenance work, or improve your CSI and customer retention, DealerMine's Service CRM solution presents the right customers, at the right time, for the right reason.

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