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SERVICE1ONE ties all your fixed operation moving parts together into one, easy-to-use solution that completely revolutionizes the way business is done in the service drive and gives motorists the ultimate service experience from beginning to end. Centralize every component of the sales and service process to into one comprehensive, service-based view that provides insight into the technology that helps your shop run faster and smoother, brings in more customers, increases RO transactions, and upsell opportunities. Online Service Scheduler Give customers a dynamic, fast interface to shop for services and schedule appointments from anywhere at anytime. ▪ Consistently loads shop capacity ▪ Preselecting maintenance packages or repair needs saves time ▪ No account required; schedule appointments using customer information Lane Application The SERVICE1ONE technology eliminates the need for a traditional paper write-up process, optimizing the speed and efficiency of the service lane for both advisors and customers. ▪ Fast customer check-in using VIN scan or search ▪ Walkaround Inspection records damage using built-in camera ▪ Advisor word tracks help overcome owner objections to service Multi-point Inspection Our electronic, multi-point inspection process improves shop performance and consistency, ensuring every vehicle gets a multi-point inspection on every visit. ▪ Improves shop productivity through operational efficiency ▪ MPI forms include videos/photos, reducing the number of declined services ▪ Capture 100 percent of declined service repairs Advisor Training The SERVICE1ONE Experience Training Program for service advisors and management gives an in-depth view of the SERVICE1ONE product suite and takes your team from the basics through advanced selling techniques, building brand loyalty. ▪ Convenient on-site training and consulting or online self-paced modules ▪ Integrated processes and word tracks embedded in the SERVICE1ONE tools ▪ Two-day workshop in Destin, Florida
DealerSocket Service
83%  Recommended Recom'd 6 Dealerships 6 Verified Ratings
Increase first-service appointments and monitor existing service appointments, automate confirmations, as well as manage no-shows, follow-ups, and your loaner car fleet all through DealerSockets Fixed Operations Service tool.
AutoPilot Service Marketing
100%  Recommended Recom'd 342 Dealerships 497 Verified Ratings
Rather than sending blanket email or direct mail communications, AutoPilot empowers dealerships to interact with customers during every significant milestone or event. Create profitable business opportunities and build customer retention through automated marketing campaigns without ever lifting a finger. ▪ Connect with customers through live calls, text, video, email, direct mail and IVR calls ▪ Customizable KPIs and event triggers ▪ Flexible, and easily updates dealership processes ▪ Collect better customer information and data, including identifying customers likely to defect ▪ Full integration with SERVICE1ONE automates the complete ownership journey and experience ▪ Measure campaign effectiveness through advanced analytics, trend analysis, and comparison data
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
For the past ten years or so, the manufacturing and dealer quality of the automobile industry is better or more equal among competitors than it has ever been in its history. As a result, there is virtually no room for mistakes to be made when it comes to all the factors that make up the industry, and especially for the dealer, when it comes to customer service. advantagetec understands that the key to any successful business is effective communications with your customers. When companies possess the tools that are designed to anticipate where there are communication risks with their customers, they are better able to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. advantage tv, advantage txt and advantage ds are the most effective and integrated communication tools that can be deployed for the automotive retail dealer.
The Customer Journey
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Customer Lifecycle Marketing Developed Specifically so Dealerships get Results. As the driving component in a solid automotive marketing strategy, the Customer Journey is the first step in bringing in new customers and keeping the customers you have coming back. This strategy was not developed overnight. The Customer Journey is built on over 20 years of automotive advertising and direct marketing experience in the automotive industry, the latest technology and the best data management and reporting platform available - Red Rocket Technologies. We focus on 4 main conversion points… 1) Bringing new business into your dealership, 2) Bringing new customers in for service, 3) Keeping customers coming in for regular service visits, and 4) Selling to your customers when they’re ready to buy a new car. The Customer Journey Includes... - Multi-Channel Marketing: direct mail, email, voice broadcast, text messaging, and live calls, - Real time reporting, dashboard metrics, and power maps, -
CIMA Systems
CIMA Car Care Service Menus
100%  Recommended Recom'd 5 Dealerships 5 Verified Ratings
CIMA Car Care Service Menus Pro-actively informs customers of the services that are due on their vehicle and automatically prices these services (i.e. 15K service) based on your labor and parts pricing. Further, selective services such as a 4-wheel alignment when “clicked†on will show a 10 second overview video of why it is important for your customer to have this Dealer recommended service performed. With CIMA Car Care menu's, we pro-actively notify the customer of what you recommend for their car. Further, each service approved by the customer is automatically placed into your CIMA Dealership appointment making it extremely easy to up-sell the customer and allow them to make a confirmed service appointment. If the customer does not elect to take the recommended services, this application is also in each Service Advisor’s screen when the customer arrives on the drive to allow for another selling opportunity.
CIMA Systems
CIMA CarView
100%  Recommended Recom'd 2 Dealerships 2 Verified Ratings
CIMA CarView is an interactive, Web based software platform that allows service departments to "visually explain" repair recommendations with real-time photos and expert illustrations. All vehicle photos are instantly posted to the service department website and can also be e-mailed or text messaged to customers. Car owners are more likely to trust and approve repair recommendations when visual evidence is provided. CIMA CarView is a mobile application available on iPhone and Android devices.
AutoPoint, a Solera Company
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Online/Mobile Service Scheduling
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
The Dealer-FX Service Scheduling solution gives customers an efficient method of scheduling service and identifying their vehicle’s maintenance requirements from the convenience of their computer or mobile device. The Appointment Ledger gives your service team a simple solution to manage and track all incoming appointments from multiple sources (website, BDC and service drive) and tracks customers throughout their service lifecycle.
CDK Global
CDK ServiceEdge
0%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
CDK ServiceEdge is a single Service workflow tool — from online appointments through service write-up to vehicle inspection – to boost your productivity and make more money. Gone are the days of relying on one vendor for appointments, another for reception, and yet another for mobile walk around and technician inspections.

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