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98%  Recommended Recom'd 986 Dealerships 1698 Verified Ratings
Sell smarter with the automotive CRM rated highest in dealer satisfaction! The most intelligent and intuitive CRM in today’s market, ELEAD1ONE fully integrates marketing, sales, and service operations into a single, web-based platform to help dealerships grow their business. A centralized view helps communicate with showroom ups, phone ups and Internet leads throughout the entire customer journey more effectively – from the shopping and purchasing phases to ownership and repurchasing. ▪ Designed by automotive retail experts ▪ Fast, flexible and easy-to-use CRM platform scales to any size retail operation ▪ Fully integrates text, phone, video, email, direct mail and digital communication channels ▪ Integration with all prominent DMS and third-party data providers ▪ Fully integrates with online marketing providers ▪ Track, log, record and map all incoming calls, includes missed call notifications ▪ Data-driven reporting metrics help make quick and better decisions ▪ Monthly product enhancements and updates
DealerSocket CRM
95%  Recommended Recom'd 523 Dealerships 650 Verified Ratings
DealerSocket’s CRM will allow you to manage fresh ups, phone ups and Internet leads all from one tool. Your dealership spends tens of thousands of dollars every month to get the phone to ring, get test drive appointments and generate Internet traffic. Make the most of the customer experience once engagement begins through improved business rules and increased sales staff accountability. The end result of choosing DealerSocket CRM? You will sell more cars.
Dealer Car Search
Dealer Car Search CRM
98%  Recommended Recom'd 150 Dealerships 158 Verified Ratings
Using their Mobile Phone or Tablet Salespeople can quickly add Floor UPs, Phone UPs, and Internet UPs into the UP Tracking System. Managers and BDCs can quickly add UPs utilizing our advanced Round Robin Lead Assignment with available Text and Email Notification. Our Driver’s License Scanning Technology makes it easy for Salespeople to quickly add UPs. These UPs automatically become Leads that can quickly be converted to Electronic Worksheets.
DriveCentric CRM
97%  Recommended Recom'd 34 Dealerships 46 Verified Ratings
DriveCentric offers a simple yet powerful interface that anyone can use. Its intuitive design makes it simple for salespeople to do their job — sell cars. No more jumping between multiple confusing systems; DriveCentric consolidates everything into one rich user experience.
DealerMine CRM
Sales CRM
90%  Recommended Recom'd 7 Dealerships 11 Verified Ratings
Your Sales process - Their Sales CRM. Sales CRM combines traditional customer contact with unique data mining abilities, helping you manage all your leads in one easy-to-use interface. And it’s accessible wherever you are – via desktop, phone or tablet. By giving you insight into customer trends and buying patterns, you can mine your data to control the selling cycle.
ProMax CRM
92%  Recommended Recom'd 33 Dealerships 40 Verified Ratings
ProMax's award-winning CRM/ILM software is easy to use, customizable, and scalable depending on your dealership needs. It will seamlessly incorporate your Internet, BDC, and sales department and has the capability to work in conjunction with all other aspects of our software. We allow your dealership amazing capabilities to track every lead from any source, and customize follow up to convert those leads to sales.
VinSolutions Connect™ CRM
92%  Recommended Recom'd 225 Dealerships 274 Verified Ratings
With the automotive industry’s most intuitive CRM at its core, VinSolutionsTM delivers powerful insight into how every customer shops. With this tool, you can understand, communicate with, and close more customers than ever before. It maintains seamless integration between systems, so you’re connected to every customer at every step of the customer lifecycle.
CDK Global
59%  Recommended Recom'd 65 Dealerships 82 Verified Ratings
Having the tools necessary to increase customer satisfaction and successfully manage your relationships is essential. CDK CRM can help your automotive dealership reach out to more people and track those leads. All you have to do is turn them into customers. CRM
80%  Recommended Recom'd 25 Dealerships 31 Verified Ratings
Take operations to new heights. Designed by car dealers, CRM reflects how today's automotive professionals interact with their customers and their data. Intuitive dashboards efficiently organize critical information and tasks for staff at every level of the dealership. Plus, the product is built with mobility in mind, so you’ll always get a seamless CRM experience, no matter where you need it.
Reynolds and Reynolds
Contact Management
70%  Recommended Recom'd 32 Dealerships 37 Verified Ratings
Efficiently track leads, manage all customer follow-up, and create better focused marketing efforts using Contact Management from Reynolds and Reynolds. Make the most of your customer relationships while accomplishing your CRM goals and driving efficiency into your sales process with a single, comprehensive solution that’s easy to use and fully integrates with the ERA(R) and POWER dealership management systems. (

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