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Autosoft, Inc.
Autosoft FLEX F&I
96%  Recommended Recom'd 31 Dealerships 33 Verified Ratings
The new F&I program puts the entire sales process in your hands Introducing an application that puts the comprehensive control of the entire sales process in one place. With Autosoft's FLEX DMS F&I, you can calculate a customer's lifetime sales value, determine referral patterns and distribute multiple commissions at once. And you can do it all — with ease,speed and security — from any internet-enabled device.
86%  Recommended Recom'd 20 Dealerships 23 Verified Ratings
Bridging the gap between sales and finance, CreditPlus™ is an online credit and finance solution that provides shoppers with instant credit decisions AND direct, upfront access to exact near-final approved finance terms from your preferred lender programs - all controlled by you, the dealer. With no credit application to complete in-store and no lender decision to wait on, your buyer is transitioned through F&I much quicker. The customer’s perception of time improves, penetration of profitable aftermarket products increases, and CSI soars. For more information, call 877-458-5800 or visit
Auto Finance Leads
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Our business was founded in 1989 by auto dealers who used local media and 800 numbers to generate finance leads for their own stores. They’re the ones who coined the phrase that we still live by today: “Your Goal is Our Mission, SELL MORE CARS!®”. When we deliver a lead to one of our dealer partners in the Dealer Network, it represents a targeted, motivated customer who has shown a propensity to buy. We verify and match consumer information against a variety of data sources to ensure the lead is valid and that it meets Red Flag compliance standards.
Indirect Auto Financing
100%  Recommended Recom'd 2 Dealerships 2 Verified Ratings
Access more vehicle loans with the technology dealers trust.
Supreme Software and Consulting, Inc.
The Dealership Tracker
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
The Dealership Tracker used in auto, RV, marine and finance agencies throughout the U.S. Our easy-to-use system integrates with several DMS companies and gives you the tools necessary to create deals, show your customers different options including a complete menu selling system and the ability to print all of your forms and contracts that need to be done for your deals. Please contact us for more information or see our website at
CDK Global
CDK MenuVantage Platinum
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
With CDK MenuVantage Platinum™, more than 80 algorithms work behind the scenes to create the ideal presentation every time, based on a combination of consumer needs and likelihood of purchase. The result? You can create a highly relevant and personalized presentation in just seconds. And because the add-ons more likely pique your customers’ interests, you’re also more likely to make the sales – right from a tablet.
Vanguard Dealer Services
Vehicle Service contracts
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Comprehensive Coverage, Wrap Coverage, Certified Wrap Coverage, High Mileage Coverage up to 150,000 miles.
CDK Global
CDK Digital Contracting
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Digital Contracting is the F&I solution for dealers who want to minimize data inaccuracies and printing delays, plus save time and money. This time-saving solution offers a computerized deal process that automatically groups the forms and creates a Digital Deal Jacket that is instantly archived for easy storage and future access.
eLEND Solutions
ID Drive
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
ID Drive™ is an in-store Identity Authentication solution that in 6 seconds or less, can authenticate every version of every driver license for all 50 states, append validated address and phone information, and automatically convert a driver license scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification application. The consumer's lead information is securely exported into your CRM & Finance platforms and electronically integrated with any pre-existing lead or credit application data - prior to the test drive - accelerating your in-store buying process, eliminating identification/financial fraud and reducing contract errors. It also ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads - directly leading to sales increases. For more information, call 877-458-5800 or visit
Car People Marketing, Inc.
Pre-Paid Maintenance
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Our Pre-Paid Maintenance program is the only system in the industry to combine an owner loyalty rewards program with pre-paid services as an added incentive for prospective customers at your dealership. With our Easy Plan Builder, you can customize your memberships to be sold at time of vehicle delivery or right on your service drive.

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