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Velocity Automotive Solutions
100%  Recommended Recom'd 109 Dealerships 126 Verified Ratings
ReconVelocity is a reconditioning workflow management solution that enables dealers to get vehicles Retail-Ready within 2-5 days while decreasing holding costs. The result is an increased inventory turn rate and higher profit margins. By digitizing the recon workflow, dealers get total transparency across all recon steps, which allows managers to identify bottlenecks and to make process improvements to achieve a higher level of efficiency.
Dealer Car Search
Vehicle Evaluator
100%  Recommended Recom'd 13 Dealerships 13 Verified Ratings
The all new Vehicle Evaluator from Dealer Car Search gives Dealers Wholesale, Retail, and Trade-in values from leading automotive publications including: Blackbook, Kelley Blue Book ®, NADA, and CARFAX. The Dealer Car Search Market Report is made available with every vehicle look up providing powerful insights into the highly competitive retail marketplace by ranking both your current inventory and inventory you are bidding on against the current retail marketplace. The Vehicle Evaluator is built on a responsive website framework making it available on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices, it is also available on our new Mobile App.
Vehicle Reconditioning, Retail Condition Reports and Pricing tools
100%  Recommended Recom'd 7 Dealerships 8 Verified Ratings
Buy better with our appraisal and valuation tool. Sell your vehicles before they are ready for sale with our automated used car reconditioning tool. Reduce the time from the hammer fall to sale by 35%. Provide transparency and generate trust selling online in the digital marketplace. Communicate with your internal resource and external vendors. Track recon costs and automate decisions to retail or wholesale. Provide transparency and generate trust selling in the digital marketplace. Simplify your life.
DealerSocket Inventory+
100%  Recommended Recom'd 2 Dealerships 2 Verified Ratings
Do you know exactly which vehicles you should stock on your lot to maximize front-end profit? Inventory+ is a profit-driven inventory management system that helps dealers efficiently manage inventory from acquisition to disposition. Inventory+ uses data-driven analytics to deliver quick answers about vehicles in your inventory and your market to help you make informed stocking and pricing decisions. And more importantly, its focus on your inventory is designed to drive profits for your specific dealership. By tying your dealer’s historical transaction data along with real world transactions in your market to show which vehicles are CORE to you or your group as well as how each vehicle performs in the market. Whether you’re managing inventory across one or hundreds of lots, Inventory+ gives you access to in-depth, but intuitive data to make smarter decisions throughout the lifecycle of your inventory. We help dealers appraise more effectively, win more trades, stock more profit drivers, price correctly, and ultimately sell more cars.
DealersLink® Marketplace
94%  Recommended Recom'd 16 Dealerships 18 Verified Ratings
The largest dealer-direct trading community in the United States, the DealersLink Marketplace is a members-only, dealer-to-dealer, used vehicle exchange. Whether you’re looking to stock your lots, clear out old inventory, or simply find a specific vehicle for a customer, the marketplace offers cost savings, revenue growth, and maximum sales opportunities for thousands of dealers nationwide. Access thousands of retail-ready vehicles on demand 24/7 listed below wholesale without any auction fees and bid against other dealers in a weekly live online auction. With no long-term contracts required, dealers can source clean, retail-ready inventory for thousands back off book and sell aged inventory direct from their lots without transaction fees or transportation costs.
reconditioning Time-to-Market workflow software
100%  Recommended Recom'd 4 Dealerships 4 Verified Ratings
workflow software to improve Average Days in Recon metrics for dealership reconditioning operations
Vehicle Acquisition Network
Vehicle Acquisition Network
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Efficiency software designed to provide the best communication tools and methods available to assist our Dealer Partners in acquiring pre-owned inventory direct from private sellers and be MORE PROFITABLE over the long term.
vAuto: A Cox Automotive Brand
Provision®: Used car inventory management and pricing software
100%  Recommended Recom'd 7 Dealerships 7 Verified Ratings
If you’re a used car dealer today, you work in a fiercely competitive market. Time is precious, profits are always at risk, and there’s no margin for error. You need a data-driven strategy that gives you a precise understanding of your market — and how to manage your inventory to stay ahead. The Provision® used car software suite from vAuto applies the most powerful live market data available to help franchise dealerships speed sales velocity, increase profits and prepare for the future.
Black Book
Black Book Used Car Guides, Internet and PDA downloads
88%  Recommended Recom'd 9 Dealerships 9 Verified Ratings
• Black Book Daily™ - daily value updates for more timely insight into a rapidly changing market. • Black Book Finance Advance™ - market driven values for loan origination. • Black Book FirstValues™” - used vehicle values from day-one (starting at new model launch). • Black Book Activator™ - sophisticated lead tool technology that drives motivated buyers from website to showroom.
TrueCar Retail Solutions
100%  Recommended Recom'd 7 Dealerships 7 Verified Ratings
TrueCar Retail Solutions gives consumers the modern digital buying experience they seek and dealers unlock a more complete customer profile - enabling higher quality connections that close faster. With our digital Retail Solutions, you can enable millions of TrueCar shoppers to discover VIN-specific pricing on your inventory, get an instant True Cash Offer on their trade, (backed by a check), and build all of that into their monthly lease or loan payment with digital retailing tools that span the buying and selling lifecycle. This new experience increases efficiency by pulling customers deeper into the funnel, reducing friction and building trust along the way, delivering you a more informed buyer. TrueCar Retail Solutions enables your dealership to: ● Stand out as a premium dealer, making you 3X more likely to be engaged with ● Increase efficiency by connecting with deeper in funnel buyers ● Start closer to the sale with a full view of your customer’s deal elements before you connect

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