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Elead Inventory
100%  Recommended Recom'd 684 Dealerships 1242 Verified Ratings
Is poor inventory management costing your dealership money? Inventory software makes searching for and managing vehicles in your inventory faster and more reliable. Workflows create faster sales with rules that allow for quick updates on existing inventory for specials, rebates and other pricing adjustments. Accurate data helps you stay apprised of market conditions and provides expert pricing and valuation decision tools. With the right integrations, you can quickly and easily provide information on your customer’s vehicle of interest.
Dealer Car Search
Integrated Data Management
100%  Recommended Recom'd 186 Dealerships 189 Verified Ratings
We integrate with Dealer Management Systems, Retail Classified Websites, Wholesale Websites, Third Party Service Providers, Data Aggregators, Competitors and just about any company that wishes to integrate with us.
100%  Recommended Recom'd 24 Dealerships 27 Verified Ratings
MAXDigital’s Inventory Management Software also known as FirstLook helps dealerships perform three vital functions: acquisition, appraisal, and pricing. Based on years of experience working in the car retail industry, as well as our own proprietary research, FirstLook helps dealers cope with the demands of today’s market. We help your store find the right cars in the right place at the right price without getting overwhelmed. This fully integrated automotive inventory software gives dealers advanced analytics and decision-making tools. Our platform is designed to help our partners maximize inventory turnover and achieve higher gross profits.
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
While almost every merchandising solution steers shoppers towards price, Superlatives highlights what makes your inventory unique and valuable. We automatically apply “badges” to the vehicles on your SRP and VDP pages. These badges show market supply and demand, and popular local market attributes. Buyers see they do need to move quickly, and become more engaged website visitors. Your team leads with value instead of price and are instant experts for every vehicle. See what our customers had to say about it:
CarStory Market Reports
99%  Recommended Recom'd 151 Dealerships 153 Verified Ratings
CarStory Market Reports display inline on used vehicle detail pages and are available to dealers at no cost. They instantly merchandise all pre-owned inventory with compelling local market analytics. Market Reports also eliminate lead leakage by providing the comparative local market data consumers crave right on the dealer’s website. CarStory Market Reports position your inventory to sell by telling your car’s story.
vAuto: A Cox Automotive Brand
Conquest™: New car inventory management and pricing software.
100%  Recommended Recom'd 11 Dealerships 11 Verified Ratings
Conquest’s live market insights are better for your business than just trusting your gut. With real-time data on every car in your market, you can stock the vehicles your market actually demands, price competitively with up-to-the-minute incentive updates, optimize your inventory when something isn’t working and list your inventory instantly so you don't miss a sale. Choose insight over instinct.
HomeNet Automotive
Merchandising Syndication
100%  Recommended Recom'd 3 Dealerships 3 Verified Ratings
Merchandise and Distribute Your Inventory From One Location. Save time and sell more cars by getting inventory out of your system and in front of shoppers with Inventory Online (IOL). There are so many details about your inventory that you want consumers to see, but don't have the time or bandwidth to keep your merchandising consistent and updated across all consumer touch points. HomeNet helps dealers solve this challenge with our Inventory Online solution (IOL). IOL is an Automotive Inventory Management tool that easily integrates into and streamlines the existing sales process of your dealership and effortlessly creates engaging display ads for every car on your lot. Expertly formatted content highlighting each vehicle's features is automatically distributed to dealer and OEM websites, online classifieds and third party sites. One platform to merchandise and distribute your inventory - IOL Pro easily aggregates and transforms raw vehicle data into robust, digital vehicle display ads that can be automatically distributed anywhere online. IOL collects data from many sources for each vehicle and protects your changes from being overwritten. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Learn more about each of our incredible Inventory Online packages. - IOL Essentials: Get the benefits of Inventory Online (IOL) and the features that matter most to you. - IOL Overdrive: Merchandising for New and Used Inventory -IOL Ultimate: Includes all the features of Overdrive Plus Streamlined photo capture, KBB Awards and Accolades Image Stamps, Image Enhancement Tool for new cars, and Chrome Expanded Image Gallery A comparison chart of our IOL packages can be found at the bottom of the page on
VinSolutions Connect Inventory Management
100%  Recommended Recom'd 2 Dealerships 2 Verified Ratings
Keep your listings up-to-date, in real-time, with complete DMS integration. • Export vehicles to all 3rd party sites • Window sticker and buyers guide printing • Dynamic Comment builder, and more
Kelley Blue Book
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Get Updated Kelley Blue Book® Retail, Wholesale Lending, Trade-In, and Auction Values instantly. KARPOWER Online® is a powerful sales tool designed to value, manage, and market vehicle inventory online. Look up Kelley Blue Book New Car Pricing information, including Invoice & MSRP Pricing, Residual Values, New Car Blue Book® Value and Standard & Original Equipment. Manage your inventory by searching, modifying and printing new and used vehicle inventory details. Better market your inventory with functionality that will allow you to display current vehicle information on dealer web sites, export vehicle inventory and photos to retail web sites, and print custom, OEM Certified Pre-Owned and Kelley Blue Book® Window Stickers. For more information, call 800-258-2005 or visit:
CarStory Market Reports
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
CarStory uses artificial intelligence and analytics to position your vehicles to sell. The platform is built on top of the industry’s largest set of inventory and shopper insights. Used by over 7,000 dealers, marketplaces and OEMs, CarStory helps 15M consumers make better and faster decisions every month.

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