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DealerSocket Analytics
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DealerSocket Analytics is a robust reporting dashboard that will integrate My Enterprise and My Rank to create an all-in-one portal where dealers can input their own data and view a scoreboard based on factors such as region, brand, like-dealers and much more. Using the integration of products like My Enterprise and My Rank as its core, DealerSocket Analytics allow dealers to pinpoint essential information necessary to make important everyday business decisions.
Lead Justification
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Each month AIM will review all pay-per-lead billing for your Internet leads and services and hold accountable each provider for quality and quantity of services rendered. This activity will return profits by controlling costs and will help offset the cost of our services. AIM will consult and assist in shielding manager’s valuable time by diverting all vendor contacts to AIM for review prior to presentation to the dealer. AIM will use its years of experience with these vendors and industry knowledge to assist in these purchases.
Internet Marketing Composites
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A true 20 group comparison composite detailing activity about webpages, inventory publishers, OEM leads, and 3rd party leads. DrivingSales and Performance have worked together for a year to bring this product to market.
F&I Manager 20 Group Composites
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This composite ranks each F&I Manager for volume, penetration and gross across finance, product categories, chargebacks and expenses for both new and used. All F&I Managers are rolled up into a total for a dealer to use in their Performance 20 group meetings. A hugely useful tool to see where training should be directed. Contact Performance Inc at 800-327-4332 Ext 6425
Dealer Compliance Consultants, Inc.
Close The Sale App by Grant Cardone
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For APPLE iPhone and DROID The Close the Sale App was designed specifically by Sales Training Expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author, Grant Cardone, to give sales professionals quick access to exactly what it takes to close the deal; sales closing techniques to close any type of buyer in any situation at any time. This app is filled with incredible closes that are proven to work with the modern-day buyer. It covers every situation from: “I need to think about it” “price” “affordability” “budget” “third parties” “terms” “payments” “down payment” “difference” “the economy” “never make rash decisions” and every conceivable stall you will ever hear is covered in Grant’s “Close the Sale” App. This is guaranteed to make you a MASTER negotiator and closer. Most importantly, the content is made available to you ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and all in the the palm of your hand. The closes are broken down into 12 specific categories exactly as the objections come to you so that you can easily pull
Ziegler SuperSystems
Jim Ziegler
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Sales Trainer
Selig Technologies
VIN Viper
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VIN Viper VIN Scanner - The preferred VIN Scanner for automotive professionals. VIN Viper's VIN Scanner is used by automotive professionals to quickly scan VIN barcodes, appraise vehicles and source inventory. VIN Viper's turnkey mobile and desktop products offers a simple and cost-effective appraising solution and access to data from NADA, Kelley Blue Book, Black Book, AutoCheck, Carfax and NMVTIS. VIN Viper offers free integration with existing auction accounts, which provides dealers with up-to-date run lists, auction values and wholesale guidance.
Used Car Buyer Phone and Form Lead Generator
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Generate new leads in real-time by phone or by form leads. Used Car Advertising programs expect leads and sales constantly. Guaranteed leads. Call (888) 668-6560 or visit
CAR-Research XRM
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CAR XRM now offers an unprecedented service in the CRM industry. Communication is the key to success in any business, and nothing builds a stronger relationship than a single point of contact as you manage your day to day process. The growth of your company in an industry as competitive as this is very important and your Personal iCare Specialist will be with you every step of the way.
Secret Shops
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We provide one secret shop a month. With that we can help you monitor your online lead process as well as let you know how your competitors are responding to the same leads. At the end of the month we provide all the emails, phone calls, and any other data received so you can see how you stack up against your competitors.

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