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CarGurus Listing Packages (New Car Leads)
93%  Recommended Recom'd 252 Dealerships 287 Verified Ratings
CarGurus offers multiple levels of listing packages that allow dealers to show their inventory to high quality, ready-to-buy shoppers. The Basic restricted listing package allows dealers to list their inventory for free on CarGurus and start receiving anonymized leads. The Enhanced and Featured Listings packages provide more valuable resources like direct contact information for leads, dealership branding on the VDP, and access to our proprietary pricing tool. With 5x more channels for buyers to reach your dealership, dealers receive more quality buyer connections that result in sales. With CarGurus' proven digital tools and expertise, dealers can plan inventory, price their vehicles, manage online marketing, and ultimately sell more cars. To learn what package is right for your dealership, call (855) 972-9281 or visit
TrueCar New Car Leads
89%  Recommended Recom'd 140 Dealerships 158 Verified Ratings
Since our founding in 2005, TrueCar has been striving to create a better car-buying experience for consumers and Dealers. Thousands of TrueCar Dealers nationwide have sold over 700,000 new and used vehicles to users of TrueCar sites, which includes hundreds of leading brands such as USAA, Consumer Reports, AAA, Farm Bureau, GEICO, American Express,, U.S. News and Yahoo! Autos. TrueCar Dealers benefit from an immediate and powerful “transfer of trust” as members, customers and employees contact Dealers directly from branded sites. The TrueCar service helps participating Dealers significantly reduce their selling, advertising and inventory expenses. TrueCar's fees are as much as 50% lower than the average advertising expense per new vehicle sold per NADA. TrueCar does not charge Dealers for leads or clicks, and there are no sign-up, set-up or inventory listing fees. There are no long-term contracts, and Dealers can cancel at any time.
88%  Recommended Recom'd 115 Dealerships 127 Verified Ratings
NewLeadsPlus leads only come from high-quality sources including top search engines and automotive destination websites. Only uses LeadCheck, a unique multistage scrubbing process that combines both internal and third-party lead verification, to ensure you're getting leads from real shoppers - not dead ends. The unique combination of high-quality sources and's scrubbing process results in the highest quality leads for you.
Bankruptcy Lists
94%  Recommended Recom'd 34 Dealerships 35 Verified Ratings
Weekly lists containing mailing information for people who recently had their BK discharged.
New Car Leads
88%  Recommended Recom'd 39 Dealerships 42 Verified Ratings
Start your search with CARFAX New Car Listings. Every car comes with a FREE CARFAX Report!
Lead Generation
100%  Recommended Recom'd 20 Dealerships 20 Verified Ratings
Utilize our many lead generation services to target prospects in the market to purchase a car. ProMax has several award winning lead generation solutions for attracting sub-prime consumers, including Direct Mail, Trigger Leads (Market Thief), Soft Pull Credit Applications, Bankruptcy Leads and Internet Finance Leads.
Car buying service
100%  Recommended Recom'd 17 Dealerships 18 Verified Ratings
They sign up up to send you leads as part of the Costco Car buying service. You pay a fee.
Kelley Blue Book
KBB New Car Leads - LeadDriver
91%  Recommended Recom'd 21 Dealerships 23 Verified Ratings
Seamlessly integrate your dealership’s website with trusted Kelley Blue Book® Values. Enhanced, modern display captures car shopper’s attention and effectively guides them through the streamlined valuation process. Trade-In values displayed in range utilizing the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor. Appointment Scheduler allows customer to take the next step into your dealership For more information, visit
Online Advertising
100%  Recommended Recom'd 13 Dealerships 14 Verified Ratings
Online advertizing
Premier Inventory Solutions
100%  Recommended Recom'd 12 Dealerships 12 Verified Ratings
Premier is more than just on-site listings; it’s a multi-channel marketing solution that’s designed to help you acquire more shoppers. We’ll showcase your cars on social channels like Facebook and Instagram — shoppers are served with dynamic ads that direct them right to your VDPs. And customers can contact you however they want, whether it’s through text, chat, phone or Facebook Messenger. Looking for a more transparent process? You can use your own Google Analytics account to measure results.

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