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98%  Recommended Recom'd 224 Dealerships 305 Verified Ratings
Grow business development profits by leveraging ELEAD1ONE data mining technology to increase revenue-generating opportunities through vehicle exchange incentives, pulling customers into the market before they shop your competitors. It is much more costly to acquire new customers than keep current ones – six to seven times more to be exact! Turn your current customers into loyal, repeat business by targeting vehicle owners in equity, or those that can lower their payment or are at the end of a lease or warranty. GoldDigger combined with direct mail and the ELEAD1ONE Contact Center yield a 4:1 ROI guarantee on your marketing investment! ▪ Multi-channel direct marketing program ▪ Utilizes DMS data, OEM incentives, book values and other third-party data ▪ Accelerates customer buying cycles ▪ Responds quickly to OEM buying programs ▪ Acquires pre-owned inventory at a lower cost than auction
92%  Recommended Recom'd 22 Dealerships 25 Verified Ratings
RevenueRadar is an advanced dealership database-mining tool powered by DealerSocket that constantly scans your customer database and detects money opportunities within your DMS.
Market EyeQ
90%  Recommended Recom'd 19 Dealerships 21 Verified Ratings
Market EyeQ, launched by automotiveMastermind® in 2019, is the first-ever automotive sales platform that allows dealers to identify, communicate with, and help close every buyer in their market (whether loyalty, service unsold, or conquest prospects).
82%  Recommended Recom'd 12 Dealerships 17 Verified Ratings
Equity mining
Xchange TradeUp Program
98%  Recommended Recom'd 121 Dealerships 161 Verified Ratings
Individual, intelligent service marketing campaigns are essential to retaining customers and leveraging the highest customer value for dealerships. Grow business development profits by leveraging ELEAD1ONE data mining technology to increase revenue-generating opportunities through vehicle exchange incentives, pulling customers into the market before they shop your competitors. The Xchange TradeUp Program takes service marketing to the next level and provides dealers a competitive edge by identifying current and conquest opportunities that have the highest statistical probability of purchasing or servicing with your dealership. The Xchange Program targets customers in equity, or those at the end of the term, lease, or warranty. An easy to use, custom RO dashboard alerts the right associate at the right time of lead opportunities that are in a buying position. Dealers will benefit immediately through increased loyalty, sales, and profits. ▪ Real-time open RO service dashboard with vehicle exchange alerts ▪ Identifies current and conquest opportunities ▪ Customizable alert triggers and vehicle comparisons ▪ In-dealership training and brand-specific point-of-sale material available
AutoAlert #1 Automotive Data Mining Software Solution
85%  Recommended Recom'd 24 Dealerships 28 Verified Ratings
AutoAlert® is the industry's leading automotive data mining and sales opportunities platform that helps dealerships identify high-quality leads, increase volume of retail trade-ins and improve customer retention. With AutoAlert you build long term client relationships that expand your sales opportunities, provide better service, and help you make more informed marketing decisions. Our proprietary lead generation software enables you to anticipate your customer's needs and leverage critical information based on the six types of alerts: Upgrade Alert, Flex Alert, Service Alert, Contract Alert, Mileage Alert and Warranty Alert. On average, dealers in North America who use AutoAlert were able to increase their sales 10-20%!
AutoLoop Quote
100%  Recommended Recom'd 8 Dealerships 9 Verified Ratings
Identify and target your best prospects with Quote. Instantly give your customers the most accurate and appealing offers anytime, on the spot: Quote works 24/7, continuously analyzing your DMS, Black Book®, Edmunds™ and AutoLoop internal data to automatically generate quick, compelling quotes precisely matched to your actual inventory. Features include: In-Drive Equity Mining, Data-Search Buy Matching, Online Consumer Sale Tool, & Equity Analysis.
VinSolutions Connect Campaigns
100%  Recommended Recom'd 5 Dealerships 6 Verified Ratings
VinMarketing leverages your customer data to accurately target the right prospects with the right message at the right time. Your customized message is presented cohesively, across multiple channels, all branded to your dealership. Each marketing campaign can be tracked and managed, both from an ROI and business management perspective.
Team Velocity
100%  Recommended Recom'd 6 Dealerships 7 Verified Ratings
The Apollo "portal" provides dealer employees real-time forecasting for customer intention. Items such as Equity, Trade Values, Upgrade options, etc. It really is an all-in-one solution for tracking your sales and service customers.
Dealer Wizard
Dealer Wizard Owner Marketing
66%  Recommended Recom'd 3 Dealerships 3 Verified Ratings
Dealer Wizard provides software solutions to automobile dealers throughout the U.S. With over 700 active Rooftops, Dealer Wizard identifies the best prospects based on Equity, Length of Ownership, High Mileage and Remaining Payments. The entire Dealership Database is analyzed to provide only the best prospects. The Information is sent to the Dealership Management or Dealership CRM. Dealer Wizard also provides State of the Art Analytics, a Daily Doc, Departmental Dashboards, Used Car Appraisal and a Mobile App.

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