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J&L Sales Events & Customer Pay Service Clinics
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J&L Marketing’s Sales Events are turn-key direct marketing solutions that focus on three goals: increasing your active customer base, increasing your profit per transaction and increasing the frequency with which your customers buy. The events are driven by multi-channel campaigns that include: promotion and program management, bPrecise data analytics, email and direct mail, digital direct targeting and retargeting, personalized microsites, social media, video, promotion coordinators, response analysis report, bPrepared profit atlas and 30-day sales tracker. J&L Customer Pay Service Clinics are the highest rated by dealers three years running. They’re proven to effectively generate new revenue opportunities, save at-risk customers, reactive lost customers and strategically target conquest customers. The turn-key multi-channel program includes data analysis, personalized microsites, email, direct mail, digital direct targeting, virtual BDC and reporting.
Puneet Gambhir
Paving Stones Manufacturer and Suppler in India
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Description Imperial Exporters established in year 2008 and offer various verities of products such granite, marble, slate, sandstone, agate and limestone for residential and commercial purpose. We manufacture and supplier of high quality natural stones we are one of the fastest growing organizations in the field of natural stones exporters has been successful in establishing a strong presence in the global market. Our paving stones verities such as square patio stone, round pavio stones, square pavio stones, square patio stones, ardesia, bella cobble, staetford patio stone, Tuscan round patio stone, tuskcan square patio stone. In granites verities of products these are following black galaxy granites, absolute black granites, crystal yellow. We best quality products with various size, color, and pattern. For more information in detail please visit our website or call us at +91-294-2583384.
G&A Marketing, Inc.
G&A Marketing Staffed Events
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Whether you call them “automotive super sales” or “automotive staffed events,” there’s only one place to get them done right. Having conducted more than 9,000 successful events to date, G&A Marketing’s staffed event program continues to help dealers across North America maximize profit, generate excitement and improve staff performance in as little as 4 days.What makes G&A the right staffed event company for your dealership?Advertising, marketing and direct mail campaigns that are tested and proven to be effective in driving traffic and sales for your dealership.Total market exclusivity. No other dealer in your area will have access to G&A’s unique direct mail or talented staffed event sales teams.Event sales teams who value the reputation of your dealership, and are held fully accountable before, during and after your staffed event.Top industry sales, management and F&I talent on-site at your stor
Direct Mail Campaigns and Events
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We provide direct mail for retail, used and sub-prime opportunities for dealerships by using the right message, the most current list, high-pull premiums and delivering on time - every time - we have a winning combination for dealerships that drives BUYING TRAFFIC and creates a high yielding ROI.
Drive Roadside
Drive Gift Card
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Drive Roadside offers convenient and affordable options compared to traditional motor clubs. Drive offers customers an innovative gift card model (Drive Gift Card $39.95/per card) that allows for easier transferability, lower rates, and more affordable protection without monthly or annual dues. Discounts are provided to dealerships.
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Event-FX includes the development of a sales or service marketing campaign, database analysis, marketing collateral, detailed reporting and optional call center services.
Intellimotive,Inc./ Piston Data
Recall Inspection Campaign
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Recall Inspection Campaign, is a marketing campaign offered by Intellimotive, Inc./Piston Data that on average receives a 10% response. Usually 1/2 of the customers who respond to a Recall Campaign end up becoming new dealership service customers. It is the most effective campaing in the retail automotive industry to bring in new service business. The results are incredible!
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing Service Builder Program
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Service Builder Program Your fixed operations are a very important part of your businesses success. It contributes to overall revenue and is very important in building customer loyalty. Strategic Marketing, through its LogiX data system, can increase the average number of visits and ROI to your service department How do we do it? We identify segments within your database and identify the best offer for that particular customer. We use these segments to deliver a message which is relative to the customer thus increasing responses. The one-to-one focus is crucial to achieve success in such a competitive environment.
G&A Marketing, Inc.
G&A Marketing Offsite Events
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G&A Marketing is proudly celebrating our 20th anniversary. 20 Years of Better. In business since 1994, has helped thousands of dealers host offsite events. Diversify your streams of business! Capture more market share by offering your events at an offsite location!
iCrew Events
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Maximize your next direct mail campaign. Don’t just drop mail and hope for the best! Incorporate elements that make the difference! In addition to Direct Mail we use digital elements like mobile display, Geo-fencing, Digital Gaming, Email, Call-Center, Point of Sale Materials, and professional staffing to create events that get shoppers excited. We don’t stop at advertising, we can staff your next sales event with a team of professional closers. We have all heard and seen the horror stories about staffed sales events. At iPitCrew we employ the most qualified, experienced, and most importantly “PROFESSIONAL”, people in the industry, we get results because of superior data, and superior strategic execution, not high pressure, unethical and often questionable sales tactics. During our events, your customers always leave 100% satisfied, we adhere to the same stringent OEM required CSI standards as your in-house staff, while making you profitable. Contact us today for more information abo

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