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Social Drive Platform
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Friendemic’s revolutionary new social advertising platform lets you do social ads yourself with advanced solutions and data usually only available from agencies. Get your ads online fast too, with dynamic content and inventory. You’ll also have hungry audiences at your fingertips, thanks to comprehensive Oracle data. You get access to over 1,200 data points, like vehicle ownership, income, credit rating and more. Using that, plus the dynamic content, you’ll be able to create and target ads that work with your audience. You know your dealership and inventory better than anyone. Take the wheel with Social Drive from Friendemic to cut the cost of managed ads and target your social ads in a whole new way!
Social Media Solutions
100%  Recommended Recom'd 5 Dealerships 5 Verified Ratings
Consistently manage social channels with ease with Cars For Sale Social Tools. Facebook Solutions Get unlimited Facebook Marketplace vehicle listings and a Facebook Post Scheduling Tool. Twitter Inventory Tool Automate your tweeting with our Twitter Inventory Tool. YouTube Uploader Seamlessly share your inventory videos with the Cars For Sale YouTube Uploader. Get these tools and more for only $99 a month at No extra fees or hidden costs. Give us a call at 866-602-7439
Pixel Motion
Social Media Marketing
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Every company has a story to tell, and we reveal your unique story to your followers through social media. Our social media campaigns are designed to gain fans and maximize your brand presence. We communicate with your customers one-to-one and create a lasting impression for your dealership. Partnering with Pixel Motion gives you the expertise of a digital agency that understands the latest social media trends. Our clients turn to us for measured results with a blend of creativity and precise marketing.
Pro Member Package
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
This Product provides the Dealership with an online blog presence. Customized to match the main website and even integrate to be a part of their site. Features auto blog which will pull posts from any other online news source (i.e. Manufacturers Blog) Membership is invite only and requires a signup code to become a member. Membership includes a 30 day free trial and also includes free setup and customization on a 1 year term.
Clickable Inc
Automated Facebook Ads
100%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Audit of Existing Facebook Ad Accounts Review of Goals – Clickable team aligns awareness, engagement, conversion goals with you. Tracking and Conversion Analyses– Basic analytics tracking and conversion tracking codes will be provided and can be installed by Clickable as needed. Proper tracking is essential to our success and we will work with your team to ensure it is accurate. Reach Customers You Know – We set-up custom audiences to reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook. Audience Selection and Testing – Selecting the Location, Age, Gender, Demographics, Interests, (TV Shows, Influencers, Magazines) Competitors, Behavior and Connections are key to the success of any Facebook PPC Campaign. We believe in continuous split-testing. Remarketing – We will set up custom audiences so we can reach the group of people who have visited your web site, opened your email and reach them with ads on Facebook. It is a great way to re-engage with your audience. Find People Similar to Your Customers – We will create Lookalike Audiences where Facebook will find even more people who are similar to the client’s customers who like your page, who engage with your page, who visit your website, or who use your app. Managing by Devices– We set up campaigns that target your audience by devices. 3rd Party Data – We will tap into third-party data to improve your conversion goals. Time of Day/Day of Week Adjustments– Clickable optimizes ad scheduling or day parting. Ad Variations– Clickable recommends split testing a variety of ad variations. We will create a series of highly optimized ads and will continually split test them against one another. We will also incorporate ad extensions into every ad group and optimize them as well, in an effort to improve click-through rates. Tools– We will set up our proprietary reporting tool and report automation and delivery.
TurnKey Marketing
Automotive Social Media Management and Advertising
0%  Recommended Recom'd 1 Dealership 1 Verified Rating
Expertly managed social and social advertising. Not only are we a recognized Facebook Agency Partner, our staff is made up of "Facebook BluePrint Certified" team members that know the social platforms inside and out along with effective ROI driven automotive marketing demands. We take social beyond the "like" and harness true customer/dealership two way engagement so that you can reach more shoppers and convert more buyers. Ask about our trial offer and how we prove the ROI from social media.
Web Tech Services
Social Media Management
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Web Tech Services built an award winning team of professional bloggers, ghost tweeters and content managers for SEO and Social Media. The team has helped major corporations such as Microsoft, Verisign, Toyota, Hewlett-Packard become more social. Web Tech Services now helps dealerships by maintaining their online social networks with the best team in the industry.
fusionZONE Automotive
Social Media Management
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
fusionZONE Automotive’s Social Media management is the answer to ensuring your dealership is utilizing the most comprehensive social media platforms to grow and reach the widest consumer target audience. Launching your dealership on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and lnstagram allows you to intimately connect and interact with both current and future consumers.
We Are BDC - The Next Generation
Beyond Facebook
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
Moving Beyond Facebook has become a mission for We Are BDC on helping dealers obtain an even greater understanding of Automotive Social Networking and Reputation Management. Real-Time interactions are one of the key elements in making profits through any social networking community that is implemented into your Digital Marketing routine. I have published articles in the past, that have talked about Processes and Procedures that are created around the current culture of your store, the online behavior of your guest and the message you want your customers to receive. Multi-Channel Interactions offers an opportunity for the dealer to implement and/or correct the team’s ability to connect with your guest through all available channels.
Naked Lime Marketing
Optimized Search and Social Marketing
0%  Recommended Recom'd 0 Dealerships 0 Verified Ratings
With Naked Lime SEO and Social, your Google and Bing certified specialists expertly orchestrate your on-site and off-site SEO and manage your social media to help ensure your brand is where your customers are most active online. Through unique content generation and distribution, keyword-targeted site updates, and custom social media campaigns, SEO and Social increases brand awareness and drives valuable traffic to your site.

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