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Having and Running a Relevant, and Exciting Blog

Do you feel like you've entered inception? A blog about how to blog, and what to blog about? - Now that we've got this obvious joke out of the way... let's talk blogging. 

Entering the automotive world, our website blog seemed stale. Explaining the same features of the same models and essentially rewriting what was already out there. How do you keep a blog on your website has relevant, new and fresh content that isn't the same as every other Toyota dealership? Blogs drive up SEO, and click rates, so abolishing them all together may actually work against you. Here are some tips to give your blog a facelift. 

1. Blog About Local Events

Not everything has to be automotive related. In fact, in order to be community-relevant, it's a great idea to do the opposite and blog about real-time, local, community events. This works in your favor two-fold. First, it sparks interest in your readers and shows you are connected to and care about the community and puts real faces behind your vehicles (who doesn't want to learn about all the best Halloween events coming up for adults and kids alike?!) Second, it will drive traffic to your website. When consumers search for these local events, your blog could come up, and boom! You have an unexpected visitor browsing around your website. 

2. Industry News 

Instead of the cliche next model, why not blog about that huge launch event... (think 2020 C8 Corvette), OR that new feature people have been hearing whispers about for months. Technology auto shows, launch events, and product reviews of desired and anticipated products are a great way to drive up clicks and get attention without just going over a model you already have, and everyone knows everything about. 

3. Be Informative

This is my favorite. Remember that not everyone is a car expert. As much as we don't want to admit it, a lot of the people working in your building aren't experts. Use this to your advantage. Blog about vehicle how to's, blog about your customers most asked questions, and blog about learning the answers to things. I was never a car person prior to working in the industry, and neither were lots of the people I recruited. How great would it be to have vlogs of your sales staff trying to open a Corvette roof, or check their own oil? Remember comedy, and reliability is gold. 

4. Service Specials, Reminders, and How To's 

Do you really need to change your wiper blades? Do you really need winter tires? How often do you have to change your oil? These are all questions everyone asks themselves when that time of year comes around. Instead of letting them ask, answer for them prior to compelling reasons to book. 

5. Blog About Your Customers

Delivery photos, product reviews, and things customers enjoyed in the experience. You're getting your customer to sell you, for you in a simple post. 


Remember the most important things are being relatable, offering value to the reader, and a reason to keep visiting, while selfishly hoping you gain more clicks, and more SEO visits through your posts! Plus, it's fun for the people you work to write, and engage in! 

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