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Using Social Media to Sell Cars

The ever-growing, and ever-popular social media might be your salesmens best (secret) selling tool. In the age of influencers, and people getting paid to be on social spaces, and brands becoming more important than ever... why wouldn't you use your favorite social media apps to build your own professional brand, market yourself, and sell more cars? The only difficulty becomes remembering that your now professional brand image is who you are at all times (no more IG stories of last weekend's kegger). Studies have shown that 79% of salespeople who use social media as an active selling tool, will outsell those who don't - why would you want you (or your people, for that matter) to NOT take part? 

Here are some best practices to up your social game and in turn, increase those sales

Use video content 

Create video content to sell yourself, your brand, and your product. Introducing yourself, your dealership, and what makes you and your dealer unique is a great first step to bringing brand awareness to you and your new gig. It should be short, and sweet, and something your average friend or follower wouldn't just scroll past (think 30 seconds or less). The key here is standing out from the crowd. Everyone has someone on Facebook, or Instagram who sells Rodan and Fields, Essential Oils, and Cars nowadays... you have to make sure your video is engaging, and differs from the rest. 

Have a Bio

Make sure you write an engaged, professional, "elevator pitch" and place it somewhere in  the bio section of your profile. Who you are, where you work, what you sell, and what makes you different. That way, when someone clicks on your page, they are able to quickly and simply see what you are about and  why they would consider dealing with you. Don't over look the importance of grammar, punctuation, and a little cheese. You want to break the mold of the typical car salesmen. 

Share your Dealership Content 

There is no doubt someone in your dealer group who runs your professional dealer socials - SHARE THESE, and SHARE THEM OFTEN. In addition to creating your own unique content, there is a reason these people get paid to do it. You want to bring awareness to your friends/followers of events, sales, specials, and new products and what better way to do it than through your own conduit at your own store? Sharing and engaging with these are key

The 5 Rule 

Do 5 things on your social spaces every day to keep active. This could be as simple as liking something, sharing a news article, sharing something from your dealer, writing an article, doing a video walk around, sharing a review!

Ask for reviews, and share reviews

Nothing says you're great at what you do like someone actually saying you're great at what you do. Asking for reviews may be awkward, but it is the #1 skill to build your brand. As simply as saying, "can you do me a favor and leave me a review -- more people will be inclined to do it than you think, especially if they were happy with you! When you do, share these, and include a smiling delivery photo. People love to see success stories! If someone would be kind enough to leave you a review video you can share, this would be gold for your social spaces and brand building. 

Make a LinkedIn 

The best social profile for professionals. As much as you won't use it as actively, it's FULL of professionals you can network with, share what you do, and get referrals. A review on LinkedIn would also be amazing. 

Join Groups 

Join vehicle information groups! Post what you can about yourself, and your dealer and attract a target audience. Post ads on market place, join local "buy, sell and trade" and ensure you are responding timely

Respond in a Timely Fashion

Respond to everything, even negative, in a quick manner. If you're going to promote yourself you have to keep it going. Running an active social profile can feel like a full time job, but if you do it correctly, your own driven business will build - it just takes time, effort, and accuracy. 



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