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Vidushi Jain

Vidushi Jain Director, Marketing

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Round Robin vs Lead Grabber - FAIR Does Not Mean BEST

Round Robin is one of the most common way leads are assigned to sales reps. And there are strong arguments like fair and equal distribution in favor of round robin. However FAIR does not essentially mean the BEST as

  • The odds of qualifying a lead drop 21 times if called in 30 minutes vs 5 minutes.
    • Round robin adds latency: A sales rep might not be available when a lead is assigned
    • Reps have no incentive to reply back quickly in minutes vs hours
  • Minimum oversight over lead handling, leading to cherry picking and not serving all leads

In this blog, I am comparing two of the many assignment modes that Braango offers: Round Robin and Lead Grabber mode.

What Are Round Robin And Lead Grabber Modes?

 In Round Robin mode, all sales reps are assigned leads in a rotational order. It is like distributing cookie to kids in a line, one at a time, and when the line is over you again start from the front.  On the other hand, in Lead Grabber mode, a lead is broadcasted to all sales rep and the one who grabs/responds to the lead first gets it. One can relate it with Jeopardy! Buzzer, you get to answer if you press the buzzer first.

Round Robin Adds Latency

The odds of qualifying a lead drop 21 times if called in 30 minutes vs 5 minutes. Auto-assignment of leads in Round Robin adds latency as a sales rep might not be available when the lead is assigned. On the other hand, with lead grabber, lead is grabbed by a lead who is available to take the call or reply back to customer reducing latency to Zero.

No Incentive To Respond Fast With Round Robin

Given a lead is already assigned to the rep, he has no incentive to reply quickly. Whereas, Lead Grabber creates competition. Sales reps who don’t act fast will not get the lead, creating an incentive to reply quickly to a lead.

No Cherry Picking With Lead Grabber

In some cases, sales reps cherry pick and contact only a few leads assigned to them. With Lead Grabber, if a sales rep does not respond to leads quickly, the rep will not get leads, in turn lowering rep’s lead grabbed and served matrix which managers can easily monitor. Thus, lead grabber creates internal competition between reps to grab and serve more leads.

Would to hear what you would prefer at your dealership. Please comment with your preferred mode and why.

Chris K Leslie

Never heard of Lead Grabber mode but it’s the way we handle leads. We call it Bucket Mode though. 

Vidushi Jain

Chris, what's in a name as long as it is working. I am curious to know more about bucket mode and how it compares with round robin in terms of results. Can you share more details? Thanks.

Carlo Castillo

We use a lead bucket now, but I'm thinking of going to Round Robin and leads unanswered in 5 mins will go into the bucket. 

Vidushi Jain

A combination of modes can be even more powerful Carlo. It is always good to experiment and see what gives best results. Between do you use any software or do it manually?

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