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What 89% of salespeople are failing to do...

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Click-to-Call [Infographic]

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The Biggest Mistake Dealers Make When It Comes to Customer Retention

The Biggest Mistake Dealers Make When It Comes to Customer Retention

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When in late 1989 the Canadian Alannah Myles made her debut in the music world with the sultry and bluesy song "Black Velvet" the "experts" were sure - here comes a new Mega-Star for the 90's. The song was a number one hit in the States in 1990 and took over the airwaves. Miss Myles even won a Grammy that year for “Best Rock Female Performance.” But as fast as it had happened - as quickly it was over and her career ended even before it had really begun. How can we now - the progressive "Stars" of the automotive retail world - the eCommerce Directors, Internet Sales Managers, Dealer Marketing Managers and even Dealer Principles avoid to relive the same destiny? No, I am not talking about singing and marketing your jingle or melody on the local radio commercial or TV ads, but most likely refer to use proper promotion in what we are "tweeting" and posting about our business. I came up with my Top-Ten list of Twitter topics and original posts, which can make you NOT a Grammy nominee but a desired Car Dealer to follow or even better - to visit.

1.) @bhyundai Awesome!!! RT @jeffTomascak: Photo of the year

It does not have to be always car related. This tweet shares a moment in time people will appreciate and makes you definitely very likable. @bhyundai - Thank you for sharing and retweeting. I am a new follower to see what else you will post.

2.) @CableDahmer Really looking forward to the release of the new Chevy Volt this November! 50mpg -----

Great to create another Buzz on some products soon to come. Capture enthusiasts and fans of particular models and let them know what is going on, and when they can expect their new 'toy".

3.) @CincinnatiMINI Alright MINI lovers, check out our blog for a great offer - you won't be sorry!

Instead putting in your 140-character post sales numbers and interest rates, refer to your Blog (you have hopefully started). Like this dealer, who provides a vast of photos of the new MINI Countryman and even let all their MINI Motoring Advisers have their editorial input of this fantastic car. I like the branding and certainly the SEO they are capturing through their deep content.

4.) @PacificAudi Join us for a free In-N-Out lunch today from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For service customers-see details with this link

A real commitment from this dealer to give something for free, no not an oil-change or free loaner but Lunch. How about that. Marketers are already speaking about the "New decade of Free", which will allow businesses to attract visitors with "free of .....". So the idea is, even when not in the market for a car, let's go have some burger and check out how the dealership looks like. And who knows what is offered for dessert.

5.) @BostonToyota Toyota Recalls 2.3 Million Vehicles -

Certainly not a pleasure to admit mistakes or flaws but in this case a great service to their customers in case they did not hear about the news in T.V., radio or press. It looks like that this dealer wants to be as transparent as possible, and in my opinion it will pay back positivity to show this kind of sincerity.

6.) @PorscheHeritage imagine this style interior in a Porsche 912 1969 type4 200HP #OutLaw

Clever to use # (hashtags) in front of the desired category words Porsche and OutLaw, which automatically will attract Porsche enthusiasts, who are searching for the keyword "Porsche", and will find this dealer immediately. The link refers to a photo, which is displayed in the photo-sharing website Flickr. Here the same the keywords and tags used as "finding-elements" in SEO will help to gain more exposure and possible followers for this Porsche dealer. Imagine...

7.) @bmwoforlandpark How to Prepare your Car for Freezing Temperatures

"How To..." articles and post are fulfilling the promise and duty of Social Media Marketing engagement at its finest - sharing knowledge and information. My suggestion would be having these How-To article also embedded in your dealer website as a sub category of let' s say the Service Department page and call it for example "the Tech Corner". Congrats on this dealer and his/her strategy to convince more followers to follow them on Twitter.

8.) @andykleinmazda Download our free iPhone App from and schedule service, test drives and more!!

With smart-phones and in particular the rise of iPhones application this dealership has a great opportunity to catch clientele they had may be not on their radar so far. Offer of courtesy elements like this app to schedule a service appointment is a beautiful new element your dealership can provide and should be definitely be tweeted.

9.) @wittlm Congratulations to Samantha Oropisa!!! You are the lucky winner of an Autographed LaDainian Tomlinson Football!...

Raffles, Lotteries, Tombolas and so on are perfect "disguise" to promote your business to the public. Congrats to the winner and next time I'd consider to hashtag (#) the words like #Football and #Tomlinson to attract more hits and possible subscribers for future tweets.

10) @ButlerToyota Mr. Tommy Hinson just drove all the way to Butler Toyota to contribute to the Haiti Relief fund.......We truly...

I have to admit, I clicked on the link and landed on their Facebook post. The tweet did what it was suppose to do, it awakened curiosity and this is one of my favorite ingredients when using Twitter as your PR and Communication platform. The only advice would have been here to have the post shown "Mr. Hinson contributing" with a picture and then posted on Facebook and possible Flickr. Otherwise job well done - it had really opened me up to make the click.

So, having revealed my Top-10 Things-To-Tweet-About I would be interested about what you consider as a absolutely "must-Tweet". Just drop me a comment or ideas you have and I will display them here as well. Thank you for following also my Social Media Buzzer Blog!

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