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Day in - Day out. Like clockwork - tic, tac, tic, tac. Little voices already in your brain whispering " not forget to check in....and it has been already 12 minutes that you have had changed your status on Facebook......hey......hey.....and don't forget see that you finally hit the 1000 followers mark on Twitter....hey....." -Okay, when you are reading these lines here and you feel like "hmmm, sounds familiar, and you got by they was sweaty hands and a nervous twitch in your eyes - Houston we have a problem.

It appears to be you are definitive a candidate for the next show intervention, where we are trying to cure your addiction. YOU ARE INDEED ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA. Because I do not want you to suffer longer and questioning yourself, I have created my first 10 rules which are showing indicators you are in danger being hopelessness addicted to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other drugs provided to us at no charge.

This phenomenon discribed above almost appears to be too real, when hearing about a new study out of the University of Maryland. The Center of International Media & Public Agenda asked 200 students of the University to "abstain for just one day" from all media. They were further asked then to describe their experience by blogging.


The students particpating in this study wrote more than 110,000 words right after the experiment. 100,000 words equals an amount of a 400 page novel! The professor [Susan D. Moeller], who conducted the study said: "I was struck by how the short media blackout personally and emotionally affected the students." So I conducted my own "non-reliable" study, just looking left and right (and into myslef) to come to following "VJ's Conclusion":

10 Reasons showing: You are indeed addicted to Social Media, when...

10.) you are flipping through the Cable channels to find the latest episode of "Intervention" and hoping for that the topic is "FACEBOOK" and not Cocaine

9.) your vanity license plate says TWIT FACE

8.) you tell your spouse on your 10th wedding anniversary "I LIKE YOU"

7.) you are coming home and the first thing you do pulling into the drive-way is making sure you are still the "MAYOR" of yor home

6.) you are checking John Walsh's show on Twitter and hope that the authorities of "America Most Wanted" will "FOLLOW" you, too

5.) you "SHARE" the birth of your 5th child from the surgery room via Live Podcast and YouTube stream cast

4.) you believe that Global Warming will indeed shrink the "TWITTERSPHERE" instead the Atmosphere

3.) you are sitting at the airport and scribble down on a napkin you found in your pocket "10 Reasons showing: You are indeed addicted to Social Media"

2.) you are setting "HASHTAGS" (#) in front of each post about your spouse and refer to her or him as "#THE OTHER ONE"

and finally the number one of 10 reasons showing that you are indeed a Social Media addicts is,

1.) telling your psychotherapeut during your session "Doc, I always feel like being followed by strangers and people I don't even know."

Any other suggestion which defintive will reveal you are a Social Media addict as well? Post them as your comments. Thank you for reading.

VJ (a.k.a. Twit Face)

Glenn Pasch
VJ, Great Post. Made me laugh. My wife was reading over my shoulder (she is not of the social media mindset) and laughed as well. We both know those people who are addicted and feel that need to let everyone know every little thing. Myself, I have it under control. Feel it is necessary for business BUT if I don't keep it together, will you be my sponsor when i stand up and say "Hi, My name is Glenn and I love Social Media" Be well See you in a few months

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