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Why thinking 2-dimensional makes suddenly more sense than just thinking out of the box

Good news for early adapters in our so beloved automobile industry. When you are one of the pioneers using in your ads, Maroni stickers, or even on Business cards the two-dimensional barcode like images – a.k.a. quick-response codes or in short QR-Codes – you past the stage of  prior “thinking out of  the box” with flying colors.

As you know adaptable smartphone apps are able to scan and then convert the code into a picture ad or other information you would love to share with your potential clients.

Advantage for the consumer: Recalling “what was shown or said in an ad” with a push of a button.

Advantage for us dealerships: Unlimited "air" time - 24/7/365

The MGH group conducted a survey to see how consumers are adapting to the “new” technology, which is actually now out for more than a year. Here is the great news and opportunity for us dealers:

  • Almost 75% of smartphone users are very likely or at least somewhat intrigued to recall   advertising and marketing messages with QR codes
  • Awareness among smartphone users rose to 65% (have seen a QR Code)
  • 56% recognized the two-dimensional images on product packaging
  • 45% recalled to have seen them on magazines and (ATTENTION PLEASE) on coupons
  • And more than a quarter of the users saw the QR’s in newspaper ads (is your dealership still doing off-line advertising in your local newspaper? If so “jam” a QR code into your ads!)

So, the question here is “what did the smartphone users use their code for?”

The top-3 contenders are:

  • 53% want to find coupons or discounts on their products or services they want to obtain from a business
  • 52% want more product or service information (did your OEM already convert their new car price stickers and show the QR code? You should check because it is on almost every manufacturers agenda to “put it out there”)
  • 33% just scanning it to have the opportunity to win in sweepstakes

The rest of usage reasons are: accessing videos, making actually purchases, signing up to receive more information and last but not least interacting with social media networks.

One of the more important reflections of the survey (especially from the business owner standpoint), which was held in February 2010 via the Vision Critical America panel, is showing an indisputable fact and a huge opportunity for everyone who wants to play in this “QR league”.

70% of the first time QR code users and those who used it already having following motivation to do so:

  • They want to find deals and/or discounts (87% !!!)
  • They want to play and enter into sweepstakes (64%)
  • They want to have access to more information (63%)
  • They actually are ready to purchase right away (60%)
  • They enter their information into your database to receive more information from you on the products or services you offer (53% - here comes the good old permission based email marketing in my mind)

So, I hope I provided you with some brain teasers to make you even more think if and when you should join the “QR-force” and get your business another (two-dimensional) platform. In my opinion, this should be a no-brainer for you.

Bryan Armstrong
Thanks VJ. It's great to see you posting here as it's about the only place I go nowdays. Great information!
Thank you my friend, and yes I am thinking DS always first when checking stuff. How did you love the Offline Marketing Industry Leader Spotlight for this week "me" being featured?

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