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Ignore Your Facebook Followers And Your Sales Will Suffer

The research I found last week makes an incredible point on what really matters for consumers who have finally agreed to follow you and your business on your social network, such as Facebook.

When listening to the lyrics “I have got a reputation with everyone” from Derek Webb’s live concert (I encourage you to watch the video) - I somehow get the feeling that there are dealers out there, who must feel exactly like him.

I would like to combine it to the research findings from conversocial and Lie Leibovitz, an Assistant Professor of Communication at New York University. These findings, combined with these assorted song lyrics, make my point to my fellow dealers – you can no longer afford to ignore questions, complaints, suggestions or critics on your social platforms.

Lights on, Curtains up - Music please…

Derek’s Lyrics:

I know I always let everybody down

I know I've got a bad name in this town

'cause my last friend stopped calling months ago


VJ’s comment:

One out of four would nolonger do business with you, just because you did not have the time, staff or courtesy to answer a question or complaint! WOW! What’s even worse is when your Facebook business page does not engage but is still doing all this advertising of inventory, call for sales and exhibiting the typical pushy advertising mentality.

You might think – “well, almost 75% would still do business with me”, but that thought is short-sighted. We all know that negative experiences will be shared from one individual 63% of the time to a friend(s) via email, phone call, or in-person according to a 2011 Temkin Group survey.


• Make it a habit to check your Facebook at least 4 times a day (or any other social network entity you are involved with) and make sure to look out for comments and ANSWER them.

• Do not engage in a “pissing match” giving your “complaining consumer.” It will turn into a back-and-forth match with no winner.Instead tell them openly that you want to address his/her concern, and provide a direct office line where they can contact you without speaking to a “gatekeeper” first.

• Resolve the concern and then report the positive outcome on your social network. This kind of transparency will dismantle any “rumors” around how (un)consumer-centric your organization is.

Derek’s Lyrics:

I know I always make you wait around

I know the way my promises must sound

And even though you've heard it all before


VJ’s comment:

Ouch!!! – This graphic should really be considered as social brain food, and be a part of very dealership’s digital marketing daily diet. The research also states, and I quote: “Every complaint which is left unanswered, and every minute it sits on the page, threatens the future business of the 9 out of the 10 page visitors who proclaim themselves less likely to offer their business to companies who don’t take social customer service seriously.

- Not to be too repetitive – But time is the essence! Read also my latest post on this on

Still unmoved? To make it hurt even more – and of course to match the lyrics and feelings involved in the song, the research further asked the question: “If you went on a company’s Facebook page, and saw a bunch of unanswered questions or complaints from customers, how would you react?” – the answers I reveal next will reach your pain point!

  • 49.5% answered “I’d be far less likely to buy anything from that company,”because the respondents feared, “If I ever needed customer care, I’d likely be ignored as well.
  • 38.8% answered“I’d be somewhat less likely to buy anything from that company. Ignoring customers is a bad sign, but I have other considerations,” And just 11.7% said they would not care if they saw unanswered threads on Facebook.

The moral of the story? Make sure you take care with your reputation management process right away. There is really no excuse any longer to neglect social media and review sites, where our consumers have found their new playground.

In case you do not have the manpower, make sure to research which companies will offer a 360-degree solution to monitor, alert, and coach you how on how to get this beast “negative reviews” handled in a timely manner.

One of my favorite examples is a Volkswagen dealership located in the Southwest desert – now ranked #1 in consumer satisfaction for their region, thanks to their timely response susing the mentioned 360-degree reputation management solution. Keep in mind you really don’t want to end your song like our Derek is

Darlin' could you listen just once more

I've got a reputation with everyone

But I don't want one with you

Now get out there and check your status, please…

Happy Marketing...VJ

Chris Costner
Great information and points VJ. Our social sites tell the public what kind of business we really are. More than any traditional website could ever do. This side of our industry has to be managed just as any other aspect and dealers need to see this.
Exactly Chris...FB is the page where you want to make your "differentiation" vs your competition stand out. The Likability factor will be most likely take place online here, on review sites and how you present yourself in a live scenario at the dealership. Full Circle!

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