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Why Your Dealership Needs to Take Digital Marketing Seriously

The days where the only way your dealership could reach its audience was through newspaper advertisements or mid afternoon commercials are long gone. Today, the Internet is more popular than ever before and should never be overlooked as a method to reach your customers.

Unfortunately, many dealerships are stuck in the past do not take the unlimited opportunities the Internet provides very seriously. Not only will this prevent you from marketing at optimum efficiency, it will also result in your competitors who utilize digital strategies getting ahead of you.

But, it's never too late to start.

Let's check out why you need to take marketing on the Internet as seriously as your other methods.

Search Engine Accessibility

People use computers for virtually everything these days. Our grandparents never thought they’d see a time when artificial intelligence could lock our homes, drive our cars, and even help us invest.

But, we most frequently use technology to answer questions.

It’s commonplace for Google to be the first resource that you consult when you have a question. The same is true for customers in nearly every industry, and the automotive space is no exception.

When someone wants to buy a new car or see what a local dealership has to offer, chances are that they're going to use their laptop to search for what they want rather than pick up the phone and call someone. But, if nobody can find your dealership online, you're missing out on thousands of customers who would otherwise visit you for their automotive needs.

In order to be found by your consumers online, you need to have a sleek, aesthetically pleasing website with relevant content that will draw your visitors in. Once you get people on your site, it's far easier to get them on the lot than if you had no digital strategy at all.

Online Reviews

The vast majority of consumers will consult online reviews before they make a purchase. Some will even look at reviews before they visit the location.

When you have reliable, friendly employees who provide exemplary service, people will express their gratitude through online reviews. Nothing looks more enticing to consumers than numerous four-star and five-star reviews.

Not only will it let your consumers know that your dealership provides quality products, it will also let them know that you are honest.

Social Media

Everyone's on social media these days, and most people have an account on more than one platform. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great opportunities for you to provide your customers with relevant information and promote any deals you have going on.

Plus, social media accounts will give your audience a different avenue to find out more information about your services and products. You can also make posts that link back to content on your website in order to draw more consumers in.

The more content that you have on the Internet, the better. Social media is a fantastic way to get a high amount of quality content out on the web quickly.

Mobile Browsing

We've reached a point where many people use their phones rather than their laptops when it comes to making quick searches on Google. If you don't have a solid digital marketing strategy that includes having quality content online, the nobody will ever be able to find your website.

By foregoing using the Internet as a marketing tool, you're even missing out on people who would conduct Google searches on their phones.

But, following the other three points will help take care of this issue because you already have the content out there. Mobile browsing is simply another avenue for your customer to interact with your brand.

The worst thing you can do is not accept the Internet for what it is: a powerful marketing tool in today's society.

But keeping these for concepts in mind, you'll able to drastically increase your sales over time and get more visitors on your lot than ever before. Just make sure that the content you put online is something that your audience is interested in and can benefit from.

Patrick Bergemann

Digital marketing is definitely still an undervalued piece to the dealership advertising toolkit, but a bigger issue to address is that the ones who are doing digital advertising, are trying to use traditional advertising techniques with this new medium.

The number of dealers who say "I tried digital advertising and it didn't work" baffles me. They don't understand that you can't take an image that you would have put on a billboard and post it to Facebook expecting it to do anything. That's not how it works. You don't drive by the internet, you use why not create something that your customers will care about? Create something that brings them into your world, not something that just lets them know you exist.

Amanda Gordon

Great article. I feel like if a dealership isn't on board with digital they have already signed their death warrant. 

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