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You've Missed Something Big! And It Hasn't Even Happened Yet.

This Sunday (10/12/14) marks the beginning of the best annual event in the Automotive community and if you’re plans aren’t already made to be there then you’re missing out. However, the goal of this post is to educate you on what you are likely missing so that it doesn’t happen again.


I’ll give you a brief example: I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. I feel like I’m missing out on something huge! I mean there are even meme’s about 

Game of Thrones and I have no idea why they’re funny to people. You don’t want to be the person that’s missing out on the Automotive community’s “Game of Thrones” - The DrivingSales Executive Summit. 

(If you're like me and may not get that reference. Take DirecTV then. Don't be ugly Rob Lowe) 

See...I don't even know who this guy is! 

Driving Sales has had some of the best Keynotes:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk talked to us about understanding the power of our peers and the world we lived in in 2011 with about as much passion and speed as Jared does when he opens the show. Funny thing. It’s been 3 years and as fast as things move, Gary is still right about this one and continues to pump out innovation.
  • Billy Beane graced us with a powerful story of his Oakland A’s in 2012. This one hits home with me and dealers a like. Because when it comes right down to it, numbers are everything. We are in an emotional buying business, yes. But the path to get there is through the numbers.
  • Last year, Bruce Kimbrall of Disney took the stage and shared why Disney is who they are today. One thing I took away is that they focus on the details. Everyone is equal, from the street sweeper to Cinderella. Their employees are their focus and in turn their customers are their employees focus.


And those were just the Keynotes!! I didn’t even mention the dozens of breakouts by people like Eric Miltsch, Dennis Galbraith, Dale Pollak, Joe Webb, Jeff Cryder, Megan Barto, Tracy Myers in 2011 (we need you back soon!), Shaun Raines, Tom White Jr, Gary May…. I could type a list of awesome speakers a mile long and it wouldn’t even touch on the context of what these pros have given the dealers in attendance to take back to the store. If you’ve read this far I hope you’re shaking your head in disgust for not being here before.

How about 2014?!?

This year features another all-star lineup that I’m sure you’ve read about already so I will just touch on a few for a minute:

Just a couple Keynotes:

  • Rand Fishkin (co-founder of Moz) comes back to discuss “Cracking the SEO code for 2015”
  • Bryan Eisenberg (Managing Partner of Eisenberg Holdings) is going to discuss “The difficult task of aligning metrics with hard-to-measure marketing, sales and customer service processes.” I think this will hit home with oh about 100% of you.


Awesome Breakout Speakers:

  • Eric Miltsch – Tech Extraordinaire discusses wearables and connecting with your customers!
  • Shaun Raines and Tom White Jr. – Brand! Brand! Brand! Are you different?
  • Christian Salazar – You got brand…now are your customers getting you? Are they even finding you?
  • Megan Barto – How Culture in your dealership affects long term profitability.
  • Jason Stum – Are you creating original content for your dealership?
  • Jeff Kershner – Leveraging Mobile technology for your customers.
  • Jerry Thibeau – One of your first touches to a customer is the phones. Are you doing it right?


I just realized that I may need to partner up with someone to try and retain the amazing amount of content that is available this year…again!  Here’s a full list of all the awesome people speaking this year. (Breakout Speakers)

And here’s one last piece of advice for those of you coming: Network. Make it a point to meet and engage with new people. Follow up with them. Drop them a line a week after the show just to thank them for shaking your hand. If there is one thing that I love about the automotive community, it’s that it feels like a big extended family. Sometimes there’s fighting and disagreements and sometimes even worse, but at the end of the day, we do what dysfunctional families do best - stick together. #automotive

Oh and come sing Karaoke or at least laugh/cheer with the ones doing it on Monday night. Look for details at the show. 

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