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Will McGinnis

Will McGinnis Director of Sales - West Region

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The Auto Industry Is NOT Different

The title is not meant to argue with you in regards to car buying vs. “insert widget here”. This is a follow up of my last post (Are you collecting your rent?) in an effort to continue my message about the state of our industry and where we're headed or already are.

While our industry has evolved quite rapidly over the last five years, we can agree we have operated behind the curve in a lot of different fields but mainly involving technology. Face it, Amazon, Tesla and a plethora of others, are products and services driven by the most important person to all of us - the consumer. Heck, we can get everything now in a BOX like Trunk Club, BarkBox, Birchbox, etc.

What are you doing to adapt to the consumer’s wants and needs in today’s market?

By the way, I think we all know that Tesla isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, they have only just begun. What’s crazy is that if we as an industry wouldn’t have fought them the way that we have, I’m not sure consumers would know how simple and easy it is to buy a Tesla and where they can. It’s not like regular Joes are out there looking at $100k cars. The point is that instead of fighting change, we need to embrace it now. However, first we need to do the easy stuff, right? Are you?

Based on unscientific data CONSUMERS want the following:

  • The perceived “Good Deal” and know exactly what they’re getting before they get to your door.
  • See compelling descriptions on what makes YOUR car – THEIR car.
  • Price – This includes not having to fill out a form for price.
  • Reviews – Good and Bad
  • In depth Service and Warranty information. (This is so undervalued by so many dealers)
  • Speed and efficiency in the buying process
  • Someone they can trust, that is an expert in their field, can answer questions, who can solve their problems, who can relate personally, etc.  

Based on more unscientific data, during their research CONSUMERS DON’T want:

  • To see stock images - on any car. Used or New 
  • Spend countless hours with you….sitting at your desk while going back and forth (DealerKnows wrote a great piece here)
  • Get spammed repeatedly to “set an appointment” without answering their questions.
  • Be called when text/email is preferred
  • See you berate a Pizza Delivery guy on social media.

It’s something you know because it’s how you feel when you are out shopping for yourself. Customers don't care about you. You are a medium to gain access to a product or service that they want or need. This is not to say that you’re not valued in your community or have loyal customers. However, when it comes down to you and the vehicle it’s not about you. The funny thing about that statement is that when you’re shopping, you likely value a better experience over a poor one, and no, I’m not talking about being served a bag of popcorn. We need to make the car buying process quick, simple and memorable because this all starts before they ever know who you are.

2014 was such a great year for our industry and 2015 is primed to be even better – we just need to recognize the missing items creating weak customer experiences. There is no time better than right now tweak what needs to be finer things.

Carpe diem. 


Adam Thrasher
Great article Will! Spot on!
Will McGinnis
Thanks for the love Adam!
Grant Gooley
"In depth Service and Warranty information. (This is so undervalued by so many dealers)" I could not agree more Will. You inspired me now to develop an entire section on our website :) As dealers we seem to "get drunk off our own wine". Meaning, we always assume the information we provide is what the consumer wants. When in reality, we miss some key components around content. I bet if you look at 10 random dealer sites right now, you will not find in depth Service and Warranty information... Great post!
Will McGinnis
Grant! Thanks for your thoughts. I actually have an entire post in the works about Service and the dealers website. I am so glad that I've inspired you. Thanks for the comments and best of luck in 2015! It was great to meet you briefly at DSES!
Grant Gooley
Looking forward to the post! Best of luck in 2015 to you as well!

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