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The Rational Madness Of The Used Car Salesman

The Rational Madness Of The Used Car Salesman

I love podcasts and today in my feed came the new Planet Money show which is all about how local dealer ads started. Really interesting to hear about t…

Looking Back: Two Thoughts

Looking Back: Two Thoughts

When I look back on my years as an employer I thought of tthese two things first- 1. Took me 10 minutes to count how many people who are  curr…

Transforming Workplace Culture - 5 Effective Methods for Managers

Transforming Workplace Culture - 5 Effective Methods for Managers

Picture it – It’s Monday morning.  Employees are trickling into the office one-by-one.  Most look as if they fell out of bed and thre…

How we succeed without giant gorillas

How we succeed without giant gorillas

As of April 18th, we’re the #1 Volume Dealer in Manitoba for Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram franchises.  This is the first time in our history of accom…

3 Ways to Improve Sales Management at Your Dealership

3 Ways to Improve Sales Management at Your Dealership

Management can be a difficult task for almost anyone. Not only do you have to be conscious of keeping lower-level employees on track, you have to handle th…

5 Local SEO Tips For Dealerships To Boost Holiday Online Visibility

"Local SEO" means improving the online visibility of your dealership to local customers.

Your store’s accessibility and visibility during the holiday season is especially important, since many of your customers are already looking for deals and offers.

Dealerships should pay particular attention to their local SEO, to ensure their stores are visible in the search results and Google Maps.

Here are 5 ways to improve your local ranking:

1. Verify your business location

Claiming and managing your business in Google helps you control the information about your company that customers can see. You can do this through your Google My Business account (

2. Make sure your business info is complete and accurate

Log in to Google My Business and ensure the information about your business is up-to-date and complete. This includes your business' name, address and phone number, as well as contact information and photos of the interior and exterior. If you have special holiday hours, make sure these are updated in your business profile as well.

3. Include photos

Speaking of photos, there should be high quality photos of your dealership, including the exterior, inventory, your logo, and interior shots.

4. Review and respond to customer feedback

Reviews are a big factor to your company's local search visibility, so take the time to respond to customer reviews (good and bad) and give them an easy way to leave their feedback.

5. Sync your business info

Make sure the name, address and phone number of your business are exactly the same on both your website and your Google My Business profile. This includes variations of your physical address, as well as abbreviations in the business name. This great tutorial from Whitespark explains how to audit your dealership's citations.

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