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Bart Wilson

Bart Wilson Director of Operations, Media

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Improving Vehicle Detail Pages

Your VDP is one of the most important aspects of your marketing. Improving your sellers notes will help your customers see the value that is included for that particular vehicle. Price, pictures, and description are the three most important factors that will allow your VDP to stand out. Price can always change, pictures should be a high priority, but often neglected, the description often talks about the brand name and it a copy and paste for every vehicle. 

Improve your VDP by writing a unique description for each vehicle with as much context as possible. That is the best way to stand out.


What success have you seen with VDP's with great descriptions?

Martins Ville

With Vauto so popular, many Used Car Sales Managers take the rein and have decided to use canned descriptions and typical gibberish (CARFAX 1-OWNER, 5,486 LESS MILES THAN SIMILAR VEHICLES, 20" CHROME WHEELS, etc) as a catch-all solution for used car descriptions. Who can argue with them? They are the alphas among the sales staff, and dealer principals don't question their empirical knowledge - they bring in dollars... or is that really the sales staff who deserves the credit UCMs gladly take to the bank?!. But most used car sales managers know less about the digital sphere than they will ever let on. I know that for a fact. 

As a 20 year veteran this is what I think. Few people read descriptions, and they looks like long winded dissertations and are generally buried somewhere in the VDP, and require an additional CLICK to see. The first 5 words are all that matter. "Effortless Driving with Luxurious Sex Appeal" - Now that works.

Baller dealers need to deploy confidence and show comparisons of their prices with links to their inventory on 3RD party sites. Why show a price is you cannot prove it's good enough for the customer to take the time to come into the dealership?

This will be the best option for consumers who put PRICE above everything. No descriptions, but Bart makes a strong case for VDP improvement, and my assertion dealers are using canned messages are valid and accurate.

Try This.

KKB Retail $11,458 to $13,589

** OUR Dealer Price: $11,124

Compare with other sites to ensure XYZ Motors deserves your business:

Cargurus Instant Value: $12,359

> click to see our car on cargurus

Carfax Value: $11,985

> click to see our car on carfax

Edmunds Value: $12,985

> click to see our car on emunds



Derrick Woolfson

This a great post! I cannot tell you how many vehicles I see without descriptions or worse the wrong descriptions that offer options that are otherwise not on the unit. 

Suzanne  Laine

I would have to argue against posting links on dealership websites that take shoppers away from the website, to 3rd party sites.  I'm also pretty sure that most 3rd parties will not allow links to other 3rd party sites in the description.

Bart Wilson

I agree with Suzanne.  It's so hard to get visitors on your website, I would think you would want them to convert vs redirect somewhere else where you would potentially have competition.

That being said, there is value in 3rd party validation.  If you are going to link, make sure it opens a new window.

Martins Ville

Suzanne, in my analogy, price comparisons are presented on the pricing front and center on the VDP, not description. Depending on the brand restrictions, there are no rules preventing transparency. We must move beyond being afraid or not having the understanding or customers are checking all this already. The approach is customer friendly, and I realize many dealers still try to keep consumers out of the loop, but that's where we are today. As a GM dealer, yes you are very restricted, sadly, from creating a truly transparent experience.

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