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Why Your Dealership Needs CallSource

CallSource works closely with many automotive dealerships, and while we know how we can help your dealership improve your marketing, phone skills, and more – ultimately attaining more leads and getting more sales, maybe you need to know better how we can help you. Read on to learn why your dealership needs CallSource.

The Cost of Not Measuring Marketing Attribution

Do you know how much each call is costing your dealership?

Without accurately attributing your online and offline marketing sources, you can’t make data-driven decisions for your dealership.

It’s time to start attributing your phone calls from these advertising sources, especially since phone calls are the second-most-common form of consumer’ initial contact with a dealership.2

Measuring attribution means staying in front of competitors. It’s time to start gathering real attribution with reliable analytics.

How are you tracking attribution and success
from these advertising sources?

Dealerships spent almost $10 Billion in advertising in 2018, with Internet, TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Direct Mail coming in as the highest advertising expenses.1

“Knowing what influences a shopper to contact the dealership, regardless of method, can help dealers determine the value of their advertising and understand where to most successfully invest marketing dollars.”1

The Power of the Phone

One out of four consumers will call dealers as their initial point of contact with the dealership; this method of communication comes in second only to walk-ins.1

What does this mean for your dealership?

You can’t ignore the phone.

Your Dealership’s Experience

Customer service starts with recording your phone calls to ensure a great phone experience that gets leads coming in the door through effective advertising. Call tracking measures what’s driving calls, so your sales team can move more cars.

By not paying attention to the customer’s phone experience, you’ve lost that sale to your competitor before your team has a fighting chance to win the sales.

16% of buyers note that they did not purchase from the first dealership visited because of a poor sales experience.1 Don’t let this happen at your dealership.

Do You Know Your Customers’ Phone Experience?

Do you know what your customers’ phone experience with your dealership is like? Call tracking will show you how many verified leads that call your dealership result in:

- Connected Calls

- Hang Ups

- Voicemail

- Wrong Department

  • - Connected Calls


With inbound and outbound call tracking, you will never guess at call outcomes again.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

With DNI, you can track the entire customer journey online to offline with dynamic numbers that isolate specific customers and what they searched to bring them to your dealership. Every ad source that requires code, like your website, needs dynamic number insertion.

DNI uses a pool of toll-free numbers in the background. The volume of numbers provided is based on your website volume to ensure that each user or source gets assigned its own specific number to be tracked from digital to offline conversion. Some number pools (like ours) are managed automatically, so you do not need to know ahead of time how many visitors you are expecting.

Most other solutions require you to provision the exact amount of numbers in your pool ahead of time. A phone number from the pool will display after being dynamically switched based on the user or source. This ensures that each user or source gets its own unique number.

Text-Enabled Numbers

Calling isn’t the only way consumers will use the phone to contact your dealership. When 97% of Americans text at least once a day, you know that consumers will text your phone number instead of calling.4

With one-click engagement, CallSource’s text-enabled numbers are fast, accessible, and multi-functional to ensure that you’ll never miss a lead.

If you aren’t using text-enabled numbers, you aren’t responding to all of your leads. The customer is left hanging and thinks they are being ignored. This means your potential customer is going to someone who will respond.


No other system is more reliable.

CallSource uses humans, not robots, to score calls with 95% accuracy. Our competitions’ AI software accuracy rates can’t even come close to that, as it’s reported that speech and voice-to-text analyses only reach an accuracy of 77%.5

With our 99.999% uptime, you won’t miss a single sales opportunity due to a missed call.


Make sure the calls you’re getting are worth your time.

The number of fake calls blocked through CallShield has been as high as 5 to 6 million, or 35%, of fraudulent phone calls being blocked during times of nationwide spam call increases.

Don’t let spam calls take over your dealership’s phone lines. Shield your phone system with CallShield.

Our proprietary IVR solution was built to block spam calls, so your employees aren’t wasting time answering fake and spam calls.

CRM Integrations

CallSource integrates with the top Automotive CRMs – so you can see what’s going on without logging into too many places.

CallSource seamlessly integrates with:







Don’t see your CRM on the list? Ask us about how we can integrate with your system. Chances are we can.

Chat Integrations

CallSource has partnered with almost all the major chat providers so you can see your chat conversations in our EveryLead Dashboard.

We also work with chat providers who have co-managed chat services, providing them with text-enabled numbers so you won’t lose out on any type of communication.

CallSource integrates with the following chat providers:




Missed Opportunities

Only about 20% of potential sales calls are converted to an appointment, according to a recent automotive study by CallSource.3

What is happening to the other 80% of leads? They are going to your competitor.

Missed a chance to get a lead to come into your dealership? We’ll let you know within 2 hours – usually as quickly as 30 minutes or less.

The other guys can take 10 hours or more to alert you – long enough so that missed opportunity has already gone to your competition.


Stop guessing at call outcomesDealSaver alerts allow you the chance to recapture that lost lead and turn them into a fan of your dealership.

DealSaver will send you alerts when:

  • Disconnected: Sales calls disconnected in progress
  • Transfer: All Sales calls transferred to voicemail, where the caller leaves message or hangs up
  • Not Available: If the vehicle is not available and the rep does not suggest an alternative vehicle
  • Purchasing: Caller asks about buying/leasing car and is disconnected in progress
  • No Attempt: If no attempt is made to secure an appointment

CallSource analysts (real, trained, qualified people, not software, and not crowdsourced) listen to the entire call and alert management when an inbound opportunity wasn’t closed.

If an opportunity is worth $2,200, you lose $17,600 for every 10 calls you don’t convert.

But don’t believe vendors that promise you a 96% conversion rate – because converting every caller just isn’t possible. But there’s always room for improvement – we can help you with that.

Converting calls to appointments means you aren’t giving competition to your business.

Book more calls and recapture lost leads with DealSaver alerts.

Employee Performance

The battle of competition isn’t a game.

Missed a chance to get a lead to come into your dealership? Get your employees up-to-speed on best phone practices so they can start booking more appointments and getting more customers through your doors.

TPA - Four Core Principles

CallSource’s criterion for call-handler performance is based on over 25 years of analyzing and scoring phone calls. Call handlers are scored using a special scorecard developed by CallSource and honed over the years, called our Core Four Principles of a Phone Call.

The CallSource Difference

Attribution and closing deals isn’t a game.

Having tracked over 1 billion phone calls, CallSource is the industry expert in all things call performance. We have developed our products based on our clients’ feedback, wants, and needs.


Accurate and timely alerts

CallSource summarizes and contextualizes your data to help you make more informed decisions



Redundant servers with 99.999% uptime won’t leave you in the dark


Call processing and integration

Cut through the clutter and take control of your opportunities


CallSource’s premium automotive platform

Track your customer’s journey cross-channel and cross-domain while attributing every text, chat, and web form in real-time.


Dedicated team

Our team has an average tenure of 10 years, delivering the expertise, training, and support you need.

Your Team

CallSource is much more than just a Saas call tracking company. With human-analyzed lead scoring, appointment confirmation, and employee performance overviews, as well as real call coaches and a reputation management system that responds to reviews for you, CallSource aims to help our clients improve in all aspects of their business.

Customer Service

Customer service is the number-one priority for CallSource, and every client receives a designated team of CallSource representatives. Your CallSource team will have an introductory call with you within days of signing up to guide you through any setup and walk you through our easy-to-use reporting platform.

Our continuing advisory services make sure you are not just getting data delivered to you, but that you know how to use this data and set goals.

Data-Driven Reporting

With customized and group reporting available, you can get your analytics the way you want them.

Reports aren’t helpful if you can’t use them. We make sure to deliver your data in the way that works best for your account, no matter how large or small.

Who We Do Business With

53 of the top 150 Dealer Groups partner with CallSource. Are you ready to partner with us too?

Contact us today and get started on your path to dealership improvement.


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