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10 Apps I Use to Get Work Done







Priorities are like arms: If you think have more than a couple.

You're either lying or crazy... 

~ Merlin Mann


Productivity isn't something we seem to talk about very much on DS and is why I want to start talking more about the things we do to get more done everyday. Since having my baby boy last year I quickly realized how valuable my time is. With that in mind I need to make sure every minute counts as well as making sure that I am constantly moving forward in reaching whatever goal I am trying to hit. 


Here are a few apps that I use everyday to get more work done and be better at "adulting" 


Built for teams we use it internally as a communication tool. I've also been able to wrangle in many of my vendors into their own private slack channels. This allows us to have open a free dialog outside of email in addtion to keeping a log of all conversations

Wunderllist is an amazing productivity tool that I use to manage my projects and tasks. The integration into Slack allows me to easily add things to my todo list and have them show up in a specific slack channel that any one can glance at and see what types of things I am working on at any point and time. 

Yelp for Business Owners
I am not the biggest Yelp! fan but hey, what are you gonna do. This app makes it super easy to reply to new reviews from anywhere. Since I manage multiple stores I would rather get a response in as quick as possible so I dont have to add it to my todo list. This app allows me to do everything that I would normally be able to do from the desktop site and I like that. 


Google my business
A lot of what I wrote about the Biz Yelp app applies to this app as well. Being able to be mobile and reply to reviews from anywhere is awesome. 


Facebook pages
The pages app keeps getting batter and better in my opinion. With the addition of live streaming it's nice to be able to access any of our company facebook pages without having to be at a monitor. 


Managing multiple Instagram was a real pain in the you know what up until recently. A few months ago Instagram enabled the ability to log in to 5 different accts on the same mobile device. With the the ability to quick swap which account your in makes this app an amazing tool to capture both images and videos around our dealerships and post them. For an additional kicker you can link your instagram account to your account and have your pics shared amongst your other social channels as well. 


YouTube capture
This app is amazing to quickly do walkarounds of vehicles to include in your follow up emails. in addition you can quickly grow your youtube catalog with this easy to use and light weight app 


When google reader went away I was stuck out in the rain looking for a new RSS reader. Thats about the same time feedly came on the scene and saved me from my news woes. With feedly you can hook up RSS feeds, Topics, blogs etc. and basically have a plethora of news and information in your own personal little cubby everyday. I use Feedly for content curation for our dealership as well as my personal stuff. It's really easy to hook up your instapaper acct and save it for later or link it to your buffer account and schedule it across your personal social channels in a single push of the screen. The app makes things easier to read and save for later which makes life better. 


There are many like it out there in the world but Instapaper has been a staple of mine since its launch. I usually will cruise through my feedly feeds and if something catches my fancy I will then share it to my instapaper acct. Here I will read more in depth into the thing I thought was cool and then decide if I want to get rid of it, share it out through buffer or something or write a blog post about it. This is an amazing tool to have in your pocket and makes combing through the web that much easier on a daily basis. 


I know there are tons of note taking apps out there. Ones even better than simplenote I am sure. But If you are a Mac user this app is fan freakin tastic. I take a lot of notes and write in markdown first of all. I also use a lot of text files, hashtags and like to be able to query my device in an easy manner. On my Mac I always write and take notes in an app called NVALT. The awesome thing is that NValt links to simplenote through dropbox. Which means I have all my notes, posts etc with me at anytime. No matter the device I am on I can access my stuff via the web, iphone app, ipad app etc. So if you are a person who likes to always have your stuff with you this is a must. 


What are some productivity apps that you use to stay on track and to keep on keepin on? 
Share them in the comments below. 


Jason Stum

Great list, Chris! I too discovered Feedly after I heard Google Reader was going away. Been using it everyday for the past three years.

I'm going to give Simplenote a try. I bounce between Evernote and Google Keep. I'm not in love with either, so maybe Simplenote will win me over.

And Slack, well Slack has changed my work life. Best app ever for streamlining communications within an organization.

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