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How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Mac


Instagram is arguably the best photo sharing app. Yeah, you read that right – it’s an app. And therefore, some users don’t like this idea of sharing photos from the phone. Those who belong to old schools (read web generation) still like to upload contents using web browsers. Thus, to upload photos to Instagram from Mac or Desktop computer gives them a kick.


How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Safari Browser on Mac

For Safari users on Mac, it is simple to post to Instagram from PC because spoofing the user agent is a built-in feature in browser. Simply enable Developer menu and your job is done.

To enable Developer menu:

Step #1: Launch Safari browser on your Mac.

Step #2: Press Command + Comma key to open Preferences. Alternatively, you can click on Safari and then Preferences from the list.

Step #3: In the following dialog box, click on Advanced button. Then click on the check box: Show Develop menu in menu bar.

Now you can see a new ‘Develop’ option in menu bar.


  • Open in Safari browser and launch the Develop menu bar.
  • Next, select User Agent→ Safari – iOS 10 – iPhone (or iPod touch/iPad).

The Instagram page will reload and you can see a Camera icon in the tool bar.

  • Click on the Camera icon and you will be asked to choose images from your Mac.
  • Once you select the image, you can see the preview.
  • Crop the image here and click on Next button.
  • Type in a caption and hit the Share button.







If you want to upload to Instagram using Chrome you can do that too. Check out the full post here. 


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