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Develop Your Next-Gen Leadership from Service Employees

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Why New Doesn't Always Mean Better for Auto Industry Marketers

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Ways to Spot Toxic Employees

We all deal with toxic people in our workplace and navigating that field can feel like jumping through hoops. Sometimes the best way to avoid toxic people is by staying away altogether.

To help you identify what a toxic person is like.

Here are 10 different ways to spot a toxic team member. 


1. Sale people are afraid of toxic salespeople.


2. Ask a toxic salesperson what they’re getting done and they’ll tell you what they plan to get done.


3. Conversations always have winners and losers.


4. Listening is their tool to learn weaknesses, find fault, and gain an advantage.


5. Toxic employees allow you to fail so they look good. As long as they look good, everything is fine. When failure comes knocking, they make excuses for themselves and blame others.


6. Toxic employees don’t: Acknowledge failure. Extend forgiveness. Offer an apology.


7. Managers, leaders, and fellow employees are idiots. Toxic employees are always right. They carry the ‘burden’ of knowing what everyone else should do.


8. Toxic employees always have solutions/answers for everything and everyone but share it in a way to make them look good and you look stupid.


9. The only people who aren’t idiots are the people who: Admire them. Agree with them. Acquiesce to their desires. Advance their personal agenda.


10. Toxic employees throw you under the bus and make it look like they’re helping.


What suggestions do you have for dealing with toxic employees?



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