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Why Customers Aren't Opening Your Emails

According to a recently released survey by Adobe, the average person spends more than five hours a day checking their email.

So, why are people not opening your emails? 

2019 Adobe Email Usage Study from Adobe


1. You're sending too many emails.

If you’re inundating folks, they may feel overwhelmed and start glossing over them. The Adobe survey didn’t specify what constitutes “too many emails,” but if you’re trying to increase click rates and hit your email-marketing benchmarks by sending a high volume of messages, it’s probably backfiring. 

If you are sending your mass emails using the same servers as your normal emails. You could be setting yourself up for delivery issues. 


2. Your emails are poorly written or too long.

The message is clear. People would rather read interesting emails, and they delete boring ones. Some of the more advanced email platforms like Gmail actually notice peoples's habits and eventually place senders that typically get deleted into a spam filter.

Why not try adding some GIF's or some fun pictures. 


3. You aren't personalizing your emails.

Nearly 20 percent of people said they felt most frustrated by expired offers. Keep that data in mind when personalizing emails. Send offers with enough time for someone to open the email and get to your store or website. This way they can actually use the offer rather than delete it because it’s no longer valid.

There's nothing worse then getting an expired offer in your inbox.



4. They’ve already bought what you’re advertising.

Try to make sure whoever you're sending it to hasn't bought a new vehicle in the last year. I know that maybe they might have someone else in the house who might be interested in a car. But in most cases we end up fielding calls from pissed off customers who want the new incentives.

Segment out your database when sending emails. In most CRM's you can build and save different types of lists. 



What other tips and tricks do you use to help make sure people open your emails? 





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