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The Follow Up Email

In a perfect world, the customer would answer their phone on the first call. But that’s not always the case. If the customer doesn’t answer their phone, you want to make sure you start with a voicemail that gives your customer a reason to call you back. Once you’ve left a voicemail, it's time to send the email. Here are the key items to include in both your voicemail and email.

What to Include in Your Voicemail.

When leaving a voicemail, be sure to say, "Good [morning, afternoon, evening] this is [name] with [dealership]. Great News! The [vehicle] is available. Are you available [option one] or [option two] to come in for a test drive? We are located [location - this is *KEY*, you don't want the customer to get confused as to where you're located]. I can be reached at [number] and will follow-up with an email shortly. I look forward to speaking with you [customer name].

The end-goal is to get a hold of the customer and to make that happen, you have to give the customer a reason to call you back, creating a sense of urgency. It's also just as important to include the above information. That is your name, dealership name, confirmation of the vehicle, directions, and a clear outlined follow-up. We have to remember that the customer could have inquired from a third-party lead source (or multiple stores). So, when you do call them and don’t mention your dealership name, they might not know what dealer you're calling from.

Key Elements to Include in Your Follow-up Email.

Let's face it, we all get a lot of emails daily. Having a compelling subject line, and a solid email can make or break whether the customer responds or calls you back. It’s also equally important to read the lead first. That's making sure that “if” the customer has asked a question, you address it in the reply email. By doing so, the customer can easily acknowledge that you’re assisting them!


Here's an example of an email you can send your customers

Subject Line: you want your email to stand out to the customer, and more importantly, that your email lands in their inbox and not the "promotions" folder, or worse, a spam folder. To combat this, you want to make sure your subject line is both catchy and relevant.

For example, if the customer inquiries on a pre-owned Toyota Camry your subject line could be:

[customer name], your Toyota Camry is available!

Using the customer's name + vehicle + availability makes your email stand out, and it can also pique the customers' interest.


Example Email:

[first name],

Thank you for inquiring on the [vehicle] here at [dealership]. Great News! Your [vehicle] is available! I confirmed that your [vehicle] does have CarPlay! Here is a video I created for you.

[Insert inventory link] - (you can also include one or two other options to inquire about flexibility or if you have other value options.)

What time works best for you to come in this morning? I have both a 10:15 or a 10:45 AM available.

Keep in mind, [first name] here at [dealership] it is about - YOU! We offer hassle-free appointments, a VIP Program which includes maintenance, and so much more.

We are conveniently located at [location]. In the meantime, [first name] check out what our customers are saying about us! (insert review page link).

We look forward to working with you!


[signature line]


As you can see in the email, it answers the customer's question and lays out next steps. That’s coming into the dealership to test drive (or a home/office sanitized test drive, whichever is applicable). The email also made sure to offer where your dealership is located, value statements (how your dealer stands out from the competition), and, more importantly, a reason for them to respond!

What are some of the call-to-action's you include in your email responses?


Chris K Leslie

Love these examples thank you for sharing Chris. 

Bart Wilson

Great stuff Chris. I agree with @Chris K Leslie. Keep the examples coming!

Morgan Hardy

Yes, this is great! Thank you so much

Morgan Hardy

I always also make a 2nd follow up call same day but do not leave a message. I also recommend sending a text if possible the first day 

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