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Why Buy Messaging Isn't Just A Catchy Slogan. Start Using Your Most Valuable Asset.

While we might understand the value in why buy messaging, there are often small disconnects between the why buy message and how it is executed on the dealer level. In that, many dealers have a why buy message, yet their staff is either not aware of and or does not know it off the top of their head. This can not only create confusion on the dealer level but can also cause for the customer to become disenchanted.

More importantly, though, what is a why buy message? Has it changed? Both are good questions. A why buy message is not just a literal message we recite to our customer or have presented on our websites and external marketing. The why buy message is an integral part of your dealers overall branding. Everything from the way your dealer approaches the sales process to how you interact with the customer. So instead of focusing on a one point message, here are some statements and suggestions to better align your why buy message with your customer base.

What Does It Mean to Be A Customer at Your Dealership? Stop Looking Past One of Your Most Valuable Why Buy Messaging Assets - Dealer Reviews!

There are a lot of slogans dealers use to state why a customer should buy from their dealership, no? But we have to ask ourselves, is one statement enough to convince a customer to purchase a vehicle with us? Knowing that a vehicle purchase is most commonly the second most expensive item they purchase? That said, the message has to be more than a catchy slogan, or a paragraph that touts your accomplishments. One of the ways to present your dealer in a meaningful, relevant way is to use your reviews!

A customer review is invaluable to your dealers why buy messaging and branding; however, we have to keep in mind if the review is older than 90 days than the customer might not find as much value in it. Versus a review that was done a week or a few days ago. Yet so many dealers do not even ask their customers for a review, which is only costing them business! To avoid this issue, and use your customers voices to your advantage the sales consultants needs to ask for the review. Asking for the review should be a part of the sales process. That is asking the customer - at the time of delivery - to complete a review. It is also a way to make sure the customer had a positive experience. For example, if the customer were to say no - then you know you have an issue to address, which can also have a positive impact on your dealers CSI score!

Use Your Dealer Reviews in Your Email Marketing and Showroom Floor!

There is nothing wrong with promoting your customer's reviews. If you have a positive brand image, use it! Some of the best ways to take advantage of those hard-earned reviews are to use them in your email correspondence. This is especially true when you are responding to a third party lead. A lead where the customer has not yet necessarily chosen your dealership. So by sending them your positive reviews, it can help set you apart when it comes to your competition. This is not to say or offer that it will work every time. However, a dealer who has several positive reviews has a stronger shot at selling the customer their vehicle.

Another effective way to incorporate your why buy messaging into your dealer is to have pop (point of sale) marketing on the sales floor. Perhaps printing out on a tabletop tri-fold the last three to five reviews. This way the reviews are not obnoxiously standing out, but rest assure the customer will take notice. And if you have won customer service awards then make sure to have them displayed, proudly, in your showroom. This can often be a great ice breaker if your customer is starting to show some concern with their purchase. You can easily reassure them that they have made the right decision by working with you.

Bottom Line: why buy messaging is certainly not limited to the above. However, even if you only adopt one of the two ideas it can set you apart. And for those who are struggling to collect reviews from your customers you have to spend time working with the sales consultants. Both explaining and encouraging them to ask for the review. You can even - with many CRM’s - set up an email that goes out once the lead is marked sold. The email does not have to be too long, either - get to the point, and ask for the review! Once your sales consultants start to get two to three reviews, it will catch on.

What does your why buy messaging look like? Have you used reviews to encourage your customers to purchase with you?


Daryl Sanders

Some Google evidence says, "75% of shoppers look at reviews prior to dealership visit."

Good article.  "You aren't the only one selling new (cars)!"  Customer experience is our only differentiation.

Derrick Woolfson

Thanks, Daryl! And exactly, there is more competition than ever before making it that much harder to stick out. Especially for those of us who have to compete against our own OEM! 

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