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Stop Multitasking in the BDC. Learn to Delegate and Say No.

Stop Multitasking in the BDC. Learn to Delegate and Say No.

There are many opinions on whether or not one can truly multitask. However, for those of us who work in the BDC, multitasking is a quintessential part of o…



The average automobile salesperson wage was (As of Jan 10, 2020) in the United States is $42,950 a year [sourced from].  I personally know …

When Service Advisors Say, “Hey, That’s MY Customer!”

When Service Advisors Say, “Hey, That’s MY Customer!”

To say that the dealership I worked at was Dog Eat Dog would put it mildly. It wasn’t just a competition to be at the top of the figurative servi…

In 2020, Resolve to Change Pay Plans

In 2020, Resolve to Change Pay Plans

New vehicle sales are slowing and increased pricing transparency is eroding front-end sales margins. I predict that increased F&I pricing transparency …

Set Goals for the Year Not Just the Month!

Set Goals for the Year Not Just the Month!

Planning and setting goals for the year ahead is hard considering we tend to plan month by month especially when it comes to measuring success. So instead …

DrivingSales Weekly Blog Recap

Every Friday I will be doing a weekly recap of the best blogs … get ready for 90 seconds of information!

Subi Ghosh, Senior Director of Dealer Strategy at Stream Companies and Founding Board Member of Women In Automotive wrote a blog about culture. She described internal and external culture, and outlined the five pillars of culture:

1. Strategic Hiring and Placement

2. Internal Processes

3. Websites

4. Social Culture

5. Retention Marketing

Read the full Blog here!

Jason Volny, DrivingSales National Training Manager gave us a DrivingSales Success Tip about the correct timing a service walk. Hint: he says to do it before you ask the customer to buy the car.

“What I’m trying to tell you in this tip of the week is that a lot of dealerships out there (including the one I came from), used to do the service walk after the customer made a decision to buy the vehicle. I’m here to tell you, THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.”

Watch the entire DrivingSales Success Tip here!

MAX Digital hosted a great webinar describing the car buying experience your customers actually want.

In short they say the traditional 12-step road to success is out… and dealers should put their focus on the customers path to purchase.

"Using the Customers Path to Purchase is how you create the experience customers want. AND the sales and profit that you want in your dealership."

Watch the full story here!

Are you ready to start selling flying cars?? Germany has agreed to allow flying car testing on their roads!

Audi and Airbus signed a letter of intent with the german government. They will start “Air Taxi” testing in the town of Ingolstadt.

You know those tariffs President trump wants to impose on foreign made cars? Manufacturers are against them, and most new car dealerships are worried that the tariffs will increase the prices of their cars. That will decreasing the amount of cars sold. BUT, VP of Marketing for Automobile Technologies, ted gaines, believes the tariffs will be great for the Used car industry.

Read the full blog here!

What was your favorite blog this week? Let me know in the comments!


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