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New ForeverCar™ Dealer-Branded Extended VSC Portal Monetizes Old Leads to Drive New Sales


Digital Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) technology provider ForeverCar™ announced today its new dealer-branded VSC sales platform to help dealers sell protection products for buyers of older, higher mileage vehicles while helping dealers recapture “lost” VSC opportunities from prior lead investments.

ForeverCar helps dealers increase the long-term value of their customers while giving customers what they want most today – control over the shopping experience.

At NADA, ForeverCar will present this powerful portal in NADA Expo Conference Room #CR103, behind the Ford Motor Company display, Jan. 26 – Jan. 29, 2017, in New Orleans.

ForeverCar helps dealers drive service agreement sales, service department volume, and customer retention for:

  • Franchised used car departments whose existing VSC offerings may not provide many options for buyers of older, higher-mileage vehicles.
  • Independent dealers who don’t offer VSCs but now can provide a broad range of plans, options, deductibles, and prices.
  • Dealers who want to monetize prior investments in leads by remarketing to those opportunities to convert some into VSC customers, investing no dealer resources – human or digital.

“ForeverCar is the first dealer-branded service contract portal that also uniquely remarkets service contracts to the tens of thousands of leads a dealer has in its database to help monetize some of the 70 percent of vehicle buyers who decline to purchase this coverage.  That is an incredible amount of opportunity to recoup,” said Brooke Schulz Fernandez, Vice President, Business Development.

“Our platform helps dealers give customers more choices for protecting their vehicle investment, and it drives service department visits to build service sales and long-term retention,” Fernandez said. “We designed this tool to deliver solutions dealers indicated were missing from their current VSC sales practices.”

ForeverCar addresses these benefits for dealers:

  1. Provides a powerful tool for remarketing to customers who declined to purchase a VSC when buying their vehicle.
  2. Helps monetize leads that either did not convert the first time or converted as a vehicle sale but not a service contract.
  3. Leverages the power of peer review, by providing web-based customer experience reviews from TrustPilot.

ForeverCar is the vehicle service contract industry’s only technology portal providing engaging and intuitive decisioning for consumers, whether interacting with the tool in a dealership’s finance office or online. It is the only portal of its kind that markets VSC sales to a dealer’s customer database to help dealers monetize those original investments.

At NADA, ForeverCar will present its portal in NADA Expo Conference Room #CR103, behind the Ford Motor Company display, Jan. 26 – Jan. 29, 2017, in New Orleans.

To learn more about ForeverCar and to schedule a demo, click to INFO.FOREVERCAR.COM/NADA2017 or contact Brooke Schulz Fernandez at BROOKE@FOREVERCAR.COM or 1.312.273.8303. media contact:
Anthony Millot


This sounds mighty powerful I'd like to read some white papers on the service.

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