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SaleSleeve®: The solution for dealership display compliance in 2019

SMITHFIELD, VA – January 9, 2019- SaleSleeve™ a weatherproof document display company, announced today its patented window sticker can solve compliance issues related to displaying sales documents on dealerships’ new and used car inventories nationwide.

This is not your ordinary window sticker display, but groundbreaking technology that keeps Monroney Label, Buyer’s Guide and Addendum Sticker documents sticking solidly where placed and highly visible -- tinted glass or not – across any weather condition – so vehicles always display essential compliance documents.

According to the Patent and Trademark Office, the SaleSleeve patent is for a protective envelope that encloses a one or two-page document and protects that document from weather damage, airflow from vehicle movement, and friction from lowering and raising a vehicle’s window.

SaleSleeve holding power and visibility help dealers stay compliant with current document display regulations.

“Staying compliant is a top priority for us,” said SaleSleeve user David Banty, Sales Manager for Strosnider Chevrolet, Hopewell, Virginia. “When you visit our dealership you’ll notice that all of our sales documents are prominently displayed on our vehicles and clearly visible to our customers.”

SaleSleeve Operations Manager Anthony Stile said, “These uniquely designed and translucent holders peel away from glass easily when they need to be removed, simplifying the process and leaving no adhesive residue. When using a SaleSleeve to display media on exterior glass, cars no longer have to be unlocked for inside glass attachment.”

Dealers agree SaleSleeve delivers on these promises.

“We used to post our sales information on the inside of the windows, but darker tinted windows made the stickers virtually unreadable. We tried lamination, and the number of documents getting damaged was unbelievable. We implemented SaleSleeve, which solved all of those issues while being extremely cost-effective,” said General Manager Matt Raymond from Sanders Ford in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

“SaleSleeve document displays make the cars look clean and our lives much easier!” said Alex Ramon, sales manager for Ferrari Austin, Austin, Texas.

“SaleSleeve has solved an industry-wide problem for displaying Monroney labels, addendums and Buyer’s Guide documents,” said aftermarket accessory installer Robert McGarr, owner, WRL Premier Tinting, Dallas, Texas. “Other options are extremely pricey, don’t work, or take too long to install; SaleSleeve is simply the best choice.”

The sleeve has been field tested in all types of weather conditions including temperatures ranging from minus 15F to 185F degrees and the harsh elements of Hurricane Florence that made landfall the summer of 2018. The newly patented product is the only document display envelope with an IPX7 water certification rating.

“Dealerships are discovering that SaleSleeve is durable, inexpensive and a remarkably versatile solution for displaying a vehicle’s sales documents,” said SaleSleeve Logistics Manager Benjamin Brown, “and dealer acceptance has been outstanding.”

For a sample packet, contact SaleSleeve Customer Service, 866-218-5783, or email For more information or to order directly, go to Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin and Instagram.


SaleSleeve is headquartered at One Monette Parkway, Smithfield, VA. The corporate management team has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. For more information contact SaleSleeve Customer Service, 866-218-5783 or visit

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