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The Age Factor

We’ve discussed why consumer generated content is so valuable to dealerships, but many people still may not be convinced. Some believe that consumer generated content is looked at and produced by the younger generations only.  But Bazaarvoice research shows that it’s not just the 20-year old group that’s heading online to read and write reviews.

Take a look at the age groups and percentages of each age group who said that online reviews significantly impact their purchasing decisions.

18 – 24 years old: 35%

25 – 34 years old: 36%

35 – 44 years old: 32%

45 – 54 years old: 24%

55 – 64 years old: 19%

65+ years old: 17%

So we can see that a healthy percentage of every age group are significantly influenced by consumer reviews or social content when it comes to purchasing a car. 

Why is this valuable? This information changes the way that your dealership should use consumer-generated content to help others. By recognizing that it’s not just one specific age group that uses this content to make decisions, your dealership can evaluate how you display and utilize this type of content. You could try something like displaying reviews on your site, asking customers to leave reviews once they leave your dealership, interact more on social media to show that your company has real people behind it, etc.

The age factor should be considered when it comes to consumer-generated content, but for different reasons than many people think. It’s about the fact that all ages read reviews and use social media as part of their decision making process, and it’s important to realize this as you integrate this marketing strategy into your dealership.


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