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The secret of effective Japanese human resource management

Human resource management is critical to the success of your business. And it seems that Japanese businesses understand the importance of this most. Because of its efficiency and seriousness, Japanese management method is an attractive secret that many businesses and countries want to learn and learn.


In fact, the most important issue in management success,  is being a person that others want to follow. Every action you take during your career in an organization helps determine whether people will one day want to follow you. Without followers, you cannot lead and manage. And Driving sales is one of the best websites you can read the articles like that.  Here, there are many articles related to  new hire orientations to regular training and development, and from career management to performance reviews.  Moreover, this website also gives different useful information about finance as well as daily lives.


With the advice in human resource management from Japan below, your business will surely better manage its personnel, create better employee cohesion and achieve the desired job success.

Secret 1: Let everyone be able to speak

Managers need to make sure that all members of the company are involved in contributing ideas on the company's issues even small issues. This should also be applied in annual meetings. Listening to people's views makes you receive the feedback of your employees and implement quality improvement programs.


Secret 2: Don't scold

A rule is that managers must not shout and threaten to punish employees when they make mistakes or mistakes. Because only that, the new mistakes are fully reported and the manager will give direction to amend accordingly. Blaming employees only makes employees dare not to report mistakes to management and if this situation happens regularly, it will cause unpredictable consequences for the company.


Tip 3: Make others understand what you do

To do so, HR managers need to pay attention to coaching and presentation skills. Executives at Sony Electronics, Japan, are always focused on helping employees develop their interpretation and presentation skills in front of the team so they can have full collaboration and more effective by subordinates.


Tip 4: Rotate good employees

Regularly apply a rotating training policy for employees. Usually, managers tend to want to keep their best employees from moving to another department, but in the long run, a good employee turnover policy will be beneficial for the entire company. . In this way, employees can be able to manage in higher positions in the future by grasping the work of each different department.


Secret 5: Ask the employee "What can I do for you?"

One of the secrets of human resource management is the interest of managers with employees. If an employee asks for help, administrators should try to comply with the request as soon as possible. In other words, if employees feel that senior executives care and are willing to solve their problems, they will be more active in performing their assigned tasks. As such, they will take a more serious attitude towards the common goals that the administrator sets. This is one of the important secrets of Japanese personnel management.


Tip 6: Employee engagement in decision making

Employees are allowed to provide opinions with leaders, this is a process of cooperation between employees and management members in order to make business policies, reasonable decisions with the labor situation. reality. Some Japanese companies encourage cooperation between workers and managers by dividing leadership.


Secret 7: Ensuring employment and creating an atmosphere of mutual trust

This ensures workforce stability and reduces labor turnover. Labor stability is a factor that stimulates employees, strengthens the collective spirit, harmonizes the relationship between employees and leaders. Employees do not worry about being fired, have the opportunity to be promoted to managerial positions so they stick with the company. It is the labor stability that improves the relationship between workers and leaders and it is essential to enhance the operation of the business.


Secret 8: Team work

In Japan, HR managers often use teamwork methods to promote close cohesion within the team. And employees are more interested in tasks than just some of their own. This also makes employees more engaged.

With the secrets of Japanese personnel management that Jobs 24h summarized above, hope that will be a "guideline" for managers to build a strong staff.


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