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How to Dominate in a Cluttered Market

Let's face it, the market is cluttered. Multiple dealerships all broadcasting the same message; it's exhausting. So what can you do to rise above the clutter and thrive in your marketplace? 

In my recent interview with Gary Vaynerchuk, he shares a simple strategy that you can start implementing today to gain exposure and build relationships in your community.

What the video here:

There are a couple factors to success in business that Gary Vaynerchuk points out.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? WHY are you doing what you're doing? Gary explains that leaving a legacy is his main objective. It's what motivates him to produce all of the content he does. It's what motivates him to share his knowledge about entreprenuership with the world. 

Simon Sinek, bestselling author of "Start With Why" believes that most of the time, people start with the WHAT. "What are you going to do?" or "What do you want to achieve?" - in contrast, starting with your WHY (the reason why you want to do something) comes with it a lasting motivation that helps carry you through to your goal.

Dominate a cluttered market

Consumers see right through your marketing. All of the best pricing and "We are the #1 dealer" messaging is ignored because, at the end of the day, consumers want something more than just a good deal. Sometimes we forget that a "good deal" consists of more than price. It includes the experience pre and post sale. It includes long-term relationships of trust, in addition to the right vehicle for the right price.

Since most dealers share the same message, it's increasingly difficult for consumers to know which dealership to work with. This is where you can really thrive. 

If most dealers are all saying the same thing, all you have to do to stand out is say something different. You see, everyone knows what car dealerships do and how they make their money. What they don't know is why you're unique. They don't know why they should trust you over your competitors. But since all dealerships look and sound alike, consumers are left to their own devices to decide who to buy from.

Gary shares his unique perspective that you should strive to become the social media "Mayor" of your online community. Get involved by sharing and talking and commenting about the things that your community is interested in. He even suggests, "talk about that pothole in town that everyone complains about or the bad turn in town..."

This is a strategy that may make some dealers uncomfortable because it doesn't directly involve promoting a vehicle or a service, but that's the beauty of it. Leveraging the fact that consumers know what a car dealership does, the need for indoctrination (e.g., WE HAVE THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN!) aren't as necessary as they may have once been.

Instead of telling people you're a rock star, show them.

Timothy Martell

Why are there no comments on this post? Where are the views? This is MASSIVE value right here! Every Dealer Principal in the world should watch this video. Thanks Michael Cirillo! Great interview!

Mike Jeffs

I agree, Timothy. Thanks, Michael for sharing.

When Gary V. spoke at our Presidents Club event in 2014, he told the dealer audience their dealerships are media companies whether they like it or not and to set themselves apart from all the marketing noise they have to be willing to do something different to standout in their market. As per usual, Gary was very thought provoking. 

Brandon McNett

Great pairing of Business minds!!!! The DPB and Gary V.  Anyone who isn't paying attention to these to influences aren't paying attention to how to be successful in our business!!!!!

Anne Shaneen

This is gold. Gary V is a favorite of mine, and I'm sure everyones, and so is the other gentleman you mention, Michael - Simon Sinek. He's my main dude! Every problem I solve starts with the question 'why?' As I progress farther and farther into my career, I realize more and more how crucial it is to get to the bottom of why you're doing something. 



Michael Cirillo

Thanks, Tim. I appreciate the feedback! 

I agree, Mike - leveraging media to gain the right kind of exposure is crucial.

Brandon, thanks for your support, brother. Much appreciated!

Thanks, Anne! Simon is definitely the man! Thanks for checking out my article. I appreciate it very much.

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